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How much does a typical deck cost?

Every deck is different depending on design, square footage, features, etc. Your design consultant will help you choose exactly the right deck for maximum outdoor enjoyment. Prices can range from $8,000 to $25,000+ or more depending on your wishes and budget.

How long does it take to build a deck?

Based on the size of your deck, an average project may take anywhere from a few days to 2 weeks. Larger projects may take longer.

What types of wood will be best for my project?

We find that a high quality pressure-treated lumber (specifically pine) still makes a very pretty deck. Cedar seems to have had its heyday for use as a decking material. Cedar makes a very pretty deck when first complete, however this wood is quite soft and can deteriorate faster. Many people want and expect better performance out of their deck. PVC-capped composite decking is on the rise. Some of these products have the look and feel of plastic or vinyl. While the decks may be nice and require less maintenance (there is no such thing as ‘maintenance free’), anybody who has had a deck built with this material is never asked, “Is this a wood deck?” There are several manufacturers of these products. Many of the companies are very new to this industry and boast warranties that they may not be in business long enough to make good on, if necessary.

How can I make my deck look different than a typical deck?

Unlike other deck and fence contractors in Atlanta or home supply retailers, Atlanta Decking & Fence Co. never uses stock deck designs. Every deck is custom designed and tailored to your unique needs and desires. You can also choose from a variety of design details including different deck shapes and patterns, inlays, unique railing styles including copper, illumination for the evening, etc.

How much more does it cost to use composite versus wood?

Expect to budget 30 – 50% more for composite deck material than real hardwood.

What is composite made of?

It depends on the manufacturer. Composite materials range from recycled plastic bags and milk jugs to recycled plastics, vinyl, and aluminum.

How do I care for my deck after it’s installed?

Shortly after your wood deck is built (approximately 30 days), you will need to seal the deck with a high quality wood sealer. This can also provide a finish with color for the deck since the stain and sealer are the same color. After that, we recommend staining and sealing your deck on an annual basis. MFG Sealant and ReadySeal are manufacturers of great deck sealers that we often use and recommend.


There are so many different types of fences. What style fence is right for my needs?

Everyone has different reasons for wanting a fence. Those reasons can range from privacy, pets, children, definition of property boundaries, or as an attractive addition to the look of the property. Our design consultant will help you consider the best choices for your specific needs.

Can I choose some of the hardware for gates, etc.?

Yes. We typically install our own heavy-duty hardware, but we are always open to specific needs that you may have for a certain look, or to match something that already exists.

Is wood more expensive than chain link or metal?

Not always. They’re about the same right now because metal prices have gone up recently. At Atlanta Decking & Fence, we believe wood is distinctively more attractive and may have a higher perceived value when you sell your home.

Which fence material do you recommend, pressure-treated pine or cedar?

Because most people want a fence that is going to last a long time, does not need a lot of attention, and is cost-efficient, the most popular choice is pressure-treated pine. Cedar’s characteristics include being a stable, straight board with little or no inclination to twist. This makes it a good material for fences with a high level of detail. Cedar’s shortcoming is in the fact that wherever it is allowed to be in contact with the ground (at the bottom of the fence usually) it will rot.

Do I need a survey before we build the fence?

Not necessarily. If you can locate the boundary pins delineating your property’s borders, you’re probably fine. Otherwise, we strongly recommend you have a surveyor come and mark your property. This will protect you from encroaching on your neighbor’s property and any legal problems that could result.

Sunrooms & Porches

Do you build front porches?

Yes. We have a sister division, Georgia Front Porch, which specializes in designing and building front porches, wrap-around porches, and porticos.

What’s the difference between a front porch and a portico?

Front porches and porticos can dramatically improve the curb appeal of your home. An expansive front porch adds more livable space for entertaining and relaxation. Porticos are covered entrances for the front door that help accentuate the entry area.

Both provide optimal protection for your guests, front entry, and even your foyer. Doors, hardware, and trim that are exposed to the weather eventually succumb to splintering, rotting, fading, and more. Hard rain can even seep in through the threshold, ruining hardwood floors. And just think how your guests might feel waiting outside during a downpour. Georgia Front Porch can offer several design options that will complement the architecture of your home. A new front porch or portico from Georgia Front Porch will help save your entry from costly repair or replacement while adding real value to your home!

What other types of porches do you offer?

Our deck and fence contractors in Atlanta design and build everything from simple, open porches to screened-in and three season porches.

What kind of porch roof styles are available?

There are a variety of roof styles to choose from including shed, gabled, hip (a combination of shed and gabled), and more. Roof styles are generally dictated by your home’s style. Each offers a very different look. The shingles, gutters, and siding will match your home to ensure one cohesive look and to beautifully complement your home’s exterior. Porches by Atlanta Decking and Fence will look as though they were built with the house. There are also several different looks that a porch ceiling can take from having an open, exposed ceiling, to a more finished look of bead board. Ceiling details including open and vaulted, or traditional flat ceilings. Each have their own look and feel for different home styles.

How about design options for the porch?

Atlanta Decking custom designs and builds all porches, always asking our customers to share their desires about specific features. These might include pediment rails, knee walls (walls extending about 3′ up from the floor), etc. We can install arches in openings, electrical wiring and switches, ceiling fans, etc. We also have practical solutions for heat and AC. And lighting is always an important consideration in creating a wonderful ambiance in the evening.

Are your screens removable?

Yes. They have aluminum frames that will match your home. If you choose windows, we can install storm windows that will allow you to use the porch almost year-round. We offer floor-to-ceiling glass on our Eze-Breeze porches. This offers maximum light and enjoyment of your outdoor landscaping or views. We like Larson storm type doors because of their heft and quality. We also install traditional, high quality wood screen doors — or, Eze-Breeze doors if applicable.

Eze-Breeze Porches

What is an Eze-Breeze porch?

An Eze-Breeze porch is a versatile porch enclosure system that combines the openness of a screen porch with the protection of an enclosed space. It allows you to enjoy the beauty of the outdoors while staying protected from the elements, making it a perfect addition to your home for all seasons.

How does the Eze-Breeze system work?

The Eze-Breeze system features unique vinyl windows and screens that can be easily adjusted to let air in or keep weather out. These windows provide flexibility, allowing you to control the ventilation and temperature in your porch, creating a comfortable space to relax and entertain.

What are the benefits of an Eze-Breeze porch?

Eze-Breeze porches offer a range of benefits such as expanding your usable living space, providing protection from insects and debris, enhancing your home’s aesthetics and value, and allowing you to enjoy the outdoors in comfort and style all year round.

Can Eze-Breeze windows be tinted?

Yes, Eze-Breeze windows can be tinted to reduce glare and heat from the sun while maintaining visibility and enhancing privacy. Tinted windows can also help improve energy efficiency by reducing the amount of heat entering your porch, keeping it cooler during hot weather. Vinyl colors include clear, smoke gray, bronze and dark gray.

What about trim colors?

We believe Eze-Breeze back porches should always reflect your style. Atlanta Decking offers multiple frame colors including white, beige, bronze, pebble khaki and black.

Are Eze-Breeze porches easy to clean?

Cleaning Eze-Breeze windows is a breeze! Simply use mild soap and water to wipe down the vinyl surfaces, and they will look as good as new. Regular cleaning helps maintain the clarity and functionality of the windows, ensuring a clear view and optimal performance for years to come.

Can Eze-Breeze windows be installed in existing porches?

Absolutely! Eze-Breeze windows are designed to retrofit into existing porch openings, making it easy to upgrade your current space. This cost-effective solution allows you to transform your porch into a versatile and stylish outdoor retreat without the need for extensive renovations.

What is the warranty on Eze-Breeze products?

Eze-Breeze stands behind the quality of their products with a limited lifetime warranty, providing customers with peace of mind and assurance of durability. This warranty reflects the company’s commitment to delivering reliable and long-lasting porch enclosure solutions for your home.

Arbors & Pergolas

What’s the difference between a trellis, arbor, and pergola?

Although the terms often are used interchangeably, there really are differences between each. A trellis is usually latticework that supports climbing plants. It can be attached to the side of a home or it can be freestanding in a garden. An arbor often incorporates a trellis into its structure and features latticework on both sides, often in an arched shape, creating a tunnel-like feel. Pergolas are sometimes designed to support climbing plants, but pergolas include posts that support a roof-like structure. They’re most commonly used to provide shade for a deck or pathway.

Can I attach a pergola or arbor to my house?

Yes, we attach these to your home just like a deck. Our deck and fence contractors in Atlanta have years of experience with this.

Can I include ceiling fans, lights, or swings in my new arbor?

Absolutely. We can usually run electrical wiring and install these features to add even more enjoyment to your arbor.

What’s the best site for a pergola?

It’s good to keep in mind that your pergola will look different from various vantage points. Take a little time to check out the sight lines from the house, the interior windows, and any other point from which the pergola will be viewed. If you can see the top of the pergola from a second-floor window, for example, we recommend routing wires or conduits for a ceiling fan so that they’re hidden. Will the pergola block the view of a favorite shrub or ornamental tree? Will it look crowded in the corner? We can discuss any concerns you have and make initial recommendations when we meet with you.

Other Outdoor Projects

Can you integrate stone or other materials for pools and patios?

Atlanta Decking & Fence typically works with masonry specialists for projects requiring stone, pavers, or brick work. We can build privacy fences, pergolas and other outdoor projects for your pool or patio. Stone is also a favorite material for outdoor kitchen design projects. We can recommend masonry craftsmen to you when adding brick or stone to columns for decks, gates, and fences of distinction.

Will you construct a gazebo offsite, deliver it to me and I’ll assemble it?

No. Sorry, our deck and fence contractors in Atlanta build all projects on site to ensure optimal construction integrity. This also allows you the ability to select custom features including electric, ceiling fans, lighting, and more.

Are there some unique options for railings and stairs?

Definitely. There are a number of design options to make railings and stairs a more attractive feature for your project. Speaking of stairs, the most important thing is where they are located. When stairs are necessary, we will creatively hide them or minimize how many you need by design. We try to maximize the view to the prettiest parts of the property. You don’t want to look through a staircase to see the pool or attractive landscaping. That’s where our experience becomes of the most value. We have an eye for what looks good and we can visualize what could be. With regard to railings, there are different styles for different situations and different people. Maybe there is a terrific view to be had and you wouldn’t want something that would block it. Or, you prefer a modern look using the new, sleek horizontal cable railing made of maintenance-free aluminum. We offer dozens of options that will make your deck the envy of your neighborhood!

Do you install hot tubs?

No. But we will work with your supplier and install the hot tub surround with an extra support structure below, to help maximize the comfort of your new spa.

Our Company of Deck and Fence Contractors in Atlanta

Do you have a business license?

Absolutely. We’ve been in business since 1988 and have satisfied thousands of customers around metro Atlanta. Atlanta Decking & Fence is also a proud member of the Better Business Bureau. We are also a Licensed Contractor for the State of Georgia.

Do you have proper insurance?

Definitely. We want to make sure you have total peace of mind. That’s why our employees are fully insured for general liability, worker’s compensation, and commercial auto policies.

What else separates your deck and fence contractors in Atlanta from other companies?

Individuals on our talented team of deck and fence contractors in Atlanta have earned additional professional recognition including the following designations: Certified Graduate Remodeler, Residential Construction Superintendent, Certification through NAHB (National Association of Home Builders). We are also a Certified Contractor for the State of Georgia and a Certified Contractor for the City of Roswell.

Do your deck and fence contractors in Atlanta have references?

Yes. We can provide you with many references from past customers. We suggest you call several of them and consider asking them the following:

  • When did Atlanta Decking & Fence work with you?
  • Did they respect your property?
  • Were they consistent with a daily schedule?
  • Was the quality of work high?
  • Could I see the project they completed for you?
  • Why did you choose them over other companies?
  • Would you hire them again?

How do I pay for my project?

When you are invoiced, you can pay via QuickBooks Payments with an online check or credit card.  You can also call us to pay by credit card, or mail us a check, or drop by our office to pay with check, credit card or cash. We also offer 90-day financing with approved credit. We will never ask for final payment until your project is completed to your utmost satisfaction.

Most payment structures are as follows:

  • Most deck & fence projects: 50% on the first day of construction; balance upon final completion.
  • Porch projects: 50% on the first day; 40% when all work is complete and we are awaiting screens or windows; balance upon final installation of screens or windows.