Picket Fences

Add Charm to Your Property with Gorgeous Picket Fence Designs

Since America’s earliest colonial eras, the picket fence is a nostalgic reminder of days gone by. And yet, they remain one of the most popular and cherished fence designs to represent the American ideal of suburbia—complete with family, children and undoubtedly a pet or two. They can define a property’s boundary or simply the perimeter of your garden. When you’re considering fence ideas, a picket fence – with it’s unique beauty and roots American nostalgia to boot – is a great choice.

Picket Fence Designs Offer a Variety of Design Options and Curb Appeal

If you want privacy, you can choose one with no space between pickets. For a more traditional picket fence, we suggest picket face designs incorporating spaces between one and six inches apart. They can be stained, painted or left a natural color that will turn to a soft, weathered grey over time.

At Atlanta Decking, our picket fence designs are attractive and grab attention almost immediately. This curb appeal “magnet” can be a huge benefit if you ever decide to sell your home in the foreseeable future. Picket fences represent the “perfect family,” so you may have several interested parties when your open house takes place. The curb appeal alone should earn the time-honored picket design a spot on your fence ideas list.

Picket fences can come in several different designs but they all share the same basic traits. Picket fences are usually short, typically 3 to 4 feet, though some may be shorter. The different design points to consider are how much space will be between the pickets, how tall the fence will be, and what color.

How much space you leave between the pickets will adjust the amount of privacy. With a traditional picket fence there is enough space for neighbors to see through the pickets, but some styles have the pickets close together, in order to block how much can be seen. Having pickets that are closer together will also be more effective against small animals that could eat your garden. Shadowbox fences can also be designed to add privacy and style.

The height of the fence will also determine how much can be seen and how easily critters can get in. Picket fences tend to be shorter than other fences as they are not made for security. A short picket fence will still keep out critters that can destroy gardens or build nests around the home. It’s important to also consider if you want your fence to be tall enough to keep your pets and children safe.

Since picket fences are mostly for decoration, it is important to pick a fence color that matches well with your house. Picket fences can be painted, stained or left natural. If the picket fence is left natural and unstained it will gray over time, adding a rustic look to your fence. The most traditional color for a picket fence is white, which compliments any house.

Browse through our previous picket fence projects to get an idea of the function and look you would like.  Once you have an idea in mind, give us call for a free consultation with one of our fencing experts. Please note, we require a minimum of 100 ft. for fence orders. We have been an Atlanta fence company for over 25 years and have built hundreds of unique fences that have pleased homeowners and neighbors alike. Contact us today to see how we can make your dream fence come true.