Spiral Staircases Add Value to Your Home

Sometimes overlooked, well-designed and crafted outdoor spiral staircases can integrate beautifully with your home and deck to create a professional look. In particular, exterior spiral stairs can complement the landscaping features in your yard.

Spiral Staircases for Decks are Gaining in Popularity

People are discovering that spiral staircases are a great, cost effective way of creating a dramatic, unique feature for their deck. With beautiful fluid lines, they simply look very elegant and take up less space than traditional stairs. Spiral stairs are almost invisible when compared to their traditional wood stairs counterparts — with all of their necessary support posts, railings, and actual stairs. Spirals don’t obscure the view and let you enjoy the surrounding area—such as gardens, golf courses, lakes, or other backyard features.

Why Choose Spiral Stairs Over Traditional Stairs?

Great design possibilities present themselves when you’re willing to consider spiral stairs. Traditional stairs can become “visual clutter“ that obscure views and take up a good amount of space. Because a spiral stair’s “footprint“ is relatively small, we can maximize your open space while incorporating unique details that enhance your deck and surrounding architecture.

How are Spiral Stairs Different from Competitors?

If someone offers spiral stairs they’re usually from a kit. Over time, that can mean big problems — like rusty bolts, “weeping“ center posts that always look dirty and other issues with fit and finish. And due to kit construction techniques, it’s nearly impossible to repaint areas that are rusting. Atlanta Decking’s spiral stairs are custom made in our shop with welded connections to exact specifications. Our spiral stairs are built to last and last — beautifully.

Spiral Stairs: Custom Fit Means Lasting Quality

We simply don’t get any complaints about the spirals because of our construction techniques. Anything we design always complies with local building codes. We will come to your home and create a template that will accurately reflect the conditions of the job site. Then we take this template and construct the stairs back in our shop. When the welding and fabrication of the steel structure is complete, we’ll prime and paint the structure twice allowing adequate dry time between coats. This is a very important step. If you look carefully at the material used for the step treads, (the part that you step on) you won’t see any fasteners. We don’t want to break the painted surface with drilled holes. These holes would not be protected with primer and paint.

Instead we use an industrial adhesive to hold down the tread material. Finally, we use composite deck material for the treads — extremely stable with regard to expansion and contraction during the different seasons.

When Does a Spiral Staircase Make the Most Sense?

Spirals make sense for homeowners looking to give their home and deck a unique style or provide a more open view of their surroundings. Virtually any deck can be fitted with spiral stairs. The secret to great spirals is their diameter. We like 48“ wide stairs. The overall diameter is 8’ 4“ with the center post included. This makes for easier ascension/descension than a typical spiral. For families with young children we recommend a gate at top, bottom or both locations. If gates are installed, we make them easily removable for the future (kids don’t stay small forever).

If you are interested in spiral stairs, please give us a call and find out how this feature would work with your back porch or deck project. Call Atlanta Decking at 770-781-4641 for a free consultation or contact us online today.