Windowed Porches Extend Your Outdoor Living Enjoyment

Windowed porches are an outstanding option for people who want to get the most out of outdoor living in Atlanta by extending the time you can spend in your outdoor space.

Atlanta Decking offers a multitude of options including knee wall designs with windows above or floor to ceiling windows for a full view of the outdoors. If you live near woods, you may opt for a gabled or vaulted ceiling with clerestory windows near the roofline for additional natural light.

Benefits of Windowed Porches

Windowed back porches allow for more natural light while providing more control over temperature than a regular screened-in porch. These rooms are the perfect addition for those who want a place to relax and read any time of year. Windowed porches offer a great place for entertaining guests. Whether it’s for a casual meet up or a large family gathering, a windowed back porch is the best place to spend time. Having an open view of the outside will add more space to an otherwise cramped social gathering and the view will give guests something to marvel at while they eat. A windowed back porch will also allow you to watch your kids play in the yard so that they can play outside while you enjoy the comfort of being indoors.

Windowed back porches also make an excellent selling point if you are looking to sell your house. This addition will add space to the overall size of your house and the openness of the room will impress your potential buyers. Windowed back porches also allow you to experiment with different flooring and furniture items to see what works best with natural light. With the proper décor, your windowed back porch will create a special place that is separate in feel but connected architecturally to the rest of your house.

Eze-Breeze®: Better than Screens and More Economical than Windows

Atlanta Decking specializes in Eze-Breeze window treatments to extend your outdoor living through the seasons. They offer a superior alternative to traditional windows because they offer a wide range of important benefits. Eze-Breeze windows are made out of vinyl that’s as transparent as glass, but not nearly as heavy or expensive and less susceptible to cracking or breaking. In fact, if accidentally pushed or distorted, the tough 10-mil vinyl will return to its original shape within seconds. They also cost approximately a third of the price of glass windows and create a perfect 3-season porch. And if you live in the Atlanta area, you’ll appreciate how they can cut down on pollen season (compared to traditional screen porches). Finally, homeowners love Eze-Breeze because they’re easy to operate and offer floor to ceiling views and ventilation.

Check Out Our Portfolio of Windowed Front and Back Porches

Atlanta Decking & Fence’s gallery of windowed front and back porches is a great place to start. Use our portfolio to come up with ideas about how you would like your space to look and feel. Think about how the room will be used and who will use it the most. Will it be used mostly for guests or will it be your individual spot to enjoy? Once you have looked through some of our past work, our consultants can help you pick out the right options for your needs and budget. Contact us today to find out how we can help you imagine and create the back porch of your dreams.