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Fences are an eye-catching component on any property, but they’re particularly valuable when you have small children or wandering pets. But who said your fence’s style has to be boring? Atlanta Decking & Fence’s expertise ensure that you are pleased with a quality outcome. Over the past 33 years, Atlanta Decking & Fence has built thousands of unique fences that have not only really pleased the homeowners, but the neighborhoods, as well.

As an experienced Atlanta fence company, Atlanta Decking & Fence has the expertise needed to build a fence that you will cherish both for its looks and its practicality. Trust our fence installation experts to get the job done right every time. We offer several different fence styles and can even design a custom fence based on your needs. Some of our most popular fencing options are:

  • Aluminum Fence: An aluminum fence is an excellent choice due to low maintenance costs and elegant curb appeal. Due a to a special protective power paint coating, an aluminum fence resists rust and does not need to be painted every couple of years. We offer several styles such as Elba (flat tops with circle accents), Barcelona (exposed pickets of various heights) and more.
  • Custom Fencing: As expert fence builders and fence installation professionals, we can create options that will fit your unique needs. Maybe you want a certain style in a unique stain or a fence to match your house’s current architecture. Whatever the need, our expert fence contractors are here to create your vision of the perfect fence.
  • Privacy & Shadow Box Fences: A privacy and shadow box fence offers security from a variety of possibilities. Not only does a privacy fence restrict the view of your backyard from neighbors, but it has also been shown to work as a deterrent for criminal activity. Homeowners consider this fence installation due to the solid structure of a privacy fence. A privacy fence offers protection from the wind for your home or garden. If you’re looking for a fence with a little more visibility then try our shadow box fence design. A shadow box fence offers a modern look that combines the best aspects of a picket fence and a privacy fence.
  • Picket Fence: As a very traditional fence style, a picket fence is often used as a reference to the suburban ideal. Since colonial days, people have used picket fences to define property boundaries and keep garden pests out while developing a style that would be sought out for generations. Because of it’s iconic style, a picket fence installation can often grab the attention of buyers if you plan to sell your house in the future. Picket fences are traditionally found in treated wood fence varieties, but can also stand with vinyl, aluminum and PVC.
  • Rail Fencing: This fence gives definition to space, while allowing unobstructed views – great for the rolling hills of rural properties but also great for suburbia when you don’t want to feel caged in. A post and rail fence has added aesthetic value. It looks good on both narrow and wide properties and even on flat and sloping terrains. It allows for an open view for visitors to see the beauty of your area on the inside of the fence, without discounting its “no trespassing” appeal. Other fences can obstruct the view. With a 3 or 4 rail fence, you can get your delineation without destroying the sight of your property. Not only is it visually attractive, an Atlanta Decking rail fence is also durable. And as a bonus, post and rail fencing can blend with any design of your property.

As an Atlanta fence company with over 33 years of experience, we know that you will be pleased with the fence we create for you. At Atlanta Decking & Fence, our expert fence contractors design and install the finest fencing Atlanta has to offer. Please see our portfolio for some of our past designs and schedule your free consultation today!

* Please note, we require a minimum of 100 ft. for fence orders.