It's Hard to Match the Beauty of a Hardwood Deck

In recent years, it’s easy to understand why hardwood decking has become increasingly popular. Hardwoods have a much tighter grain and are much denser compared to traditional wood. Exotic hardwood decks are naturally beautiful, strong, durable and pest-resistant. Hardwood decking is so durable because it is sourced from wood that is slow growing in tropical conditions. In fact, some varieties of hardwood decking even start to look better as they age. This natural resilience often makes hardwoods the first choice for decking because of their almost unparalleled ability to stand up to the elements. With a Class A fire rating, hardwoods occupy the same class of fire-retardant materials as steel.

Hardwood offers a variety of patterns in each piece, including density, growth pattern, grain, pore size, and more. This gives you a range of options to create a dream hardwood deck that combines beauty with functionality and puts your personal design on your outdoor living area.

Ipe (‘eepay’), a Brazilian walnut, is the most well-known hardwood, and one of the greenest options available. Ipe hardwood decks are so strong because they are made from one of the world’s strongest wood species. This limits the need to repair cracks and protects bare feet against splinters. It is naturally resistant to fire, mildew and insect damage.

There are other tropical hardwoods such as Cumaru, Tigerwood, Garapa, and Massaranduba, that offer a great variety of colors and grains while enjoying the same long life (or longer) as Ipe. Tigerwood is a great option if you prefer an “orangey” look with intermittent dark streaks, while Cumaru is more red than brown. Australia produces several different kinds of hardwood including Red Cedar, Blackwood, and Ironwood. In the United States, teak and mahogany are popular.

Due to their stiffness, hardwoods are well suited for making diagonal patterns which draw the eye to the view from the deck rather than the deck itself. Hardwood timber decking also makes a lovely deck for a spa or surrounding a swimming pool. Additional benefits include:

• Resistance to mold, decay, and termites
• Long lifespans (30 years or more)
• A safe, natural and fast-drying slip resistant surface
• Surface stays cooler during hot weather, an essential feature during Atlanta’s scorching summers

Besides the benefits listed above, exotic wood decks are easy to maintain. They are also less likely to sustain scratches and other blemishes. You can sand down and reseal hardwood decks when necessary because they don’t require staining to provide a great natural appearance. With its low-maintenance qualities and decades-long lifespan, hardwood is a great choice for your deck.

If you see a hardwood deck in your future, your next step should be to contact the decking experts at Atlanta Decking & Fence Company. We’ll put our years of expertise to work for you to create an outdoor space you can enjoy for years to come.

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