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Atlanta Decking Designs and Builds the Perfect Outdoor Room

With over 30 years in the Atlanta market, we know a thing or two about backyard living. Whether you’re looking to add an outdoor fireplace by your deck or shade over your outdoor kitchen, hot tub and pool, Atlanta Decking can bring your dreams to life! We work hard to ensure functionality, comfort and great design your family will enjoy for years to come.

Bridges, Boardwalks & Ramps

Did you know Georgia has 70,150 miles of rivers and streams that wind their way across the state? And, we have our fair share right here in north metro Atlanta. If your property crosses a stream/creek, you may want to consider creating a way to easily traverse it. Atlanta Decking builds residential wood bridges that are both attractive and utilitarian.  They will encourage your walks, provide a nice view of the stream and last for many years to come. Contact us if you would like an free design estimate to design and build a bridge that will serve your property beautifully.

There are also many properties that are low-lying or include wetlands. That’s where boardwalks can serve as a great solution. Depending on your budget, we can design and build a pressure-treated pine boardwalk or a hardwood boardwalk. Ipe hardwood is the high standard by which all other decking materials are measured. Ipe decking offers high strength, excellent durability, rot resistance, insect resistance and it great and the choice of many boardwalk projects throughout the US. Ipe has natural slip resistance and is a low-splinter boardwalk option. Contact us for a free design consultation about a boardwalk for your property.

Do you have an issue with accessibility into your home or over your yard? We understand how critical it is to have an easy way into your home. That’s why we’ve been building residential wooden ramps for decades.  Apart from improving mobility, our ramps add style and beauty to your home. Our wooden ramps harmonize beautifully with your outdoor deck or patio. They are also robust and durable — even allowing heavy scooters to easily enter and exit your residence. Let’s talk about your needs by contacting us today.


There’s nothing like enjoying your landscape on a hot day while staying out of the sun. A pavilion is a structure that is covered on top with open sides, and it’s a highly requested addition from homeowners. You’ll often see them as a place for shelter in parks, but they’re also ideal in backyards for many reasons — especially in metro Atlanta. A pavilion allows your landscape to have a functional space that’s perfect for getting out of the sun and relaxing. You can choose to customize the space under it in so many ways: use it as an outdoor living space complete with seating and a TV, use it for your cookouts by installing an outdoor kitchen area, use it for entertaining by turning it into an outdoor bar, and much more.

A pavilion is an eye-catching focal point. If your landscape looked unfinished or unbalanced before, a pavilion does an excellent job of tying the design together. Depending on how the rest of the landscape is set up, it can be easily be incorporated into your existing landscape or patio. When guests arrive, they’re automatically drawn to your pavilion and comfortable seating.

It adds value to your property. Your new pavilion becomes the go-to place for family and friends to hang out. They can relax in comfort and are they’re protected from the sun and rain. Plus, whether you plan to sell sooner or later, it’s a benefit for most interested homebuyers to have this unique feature. That pavilion will automatically increase the value of your home. Interested? Contact us for a free design consultation.

Under Deck Storage & Workshops

If you have under-utilized space under a deck, you can add to the appearance, comfort, and value of your home by using it for specific needs. Your project not only captures additional outdoor living space, but defines the area under your deck by adding character. Ideally you’ll make sure it’s waterproof though an under deck system that diverts water to downspouts — leading it away from the area below your deck. Add lights, outlets, hooks and shelves to store lawn mowers, leaf blower, wheelbarrows and garden tools. You could also use the space as a workshop for building special projects. In that case, it would be wise to include walls and a lockable door.

When you have a higher deck (at least 8 feet to the ceiling), you can install pavers or a concrete patio beneath the deck.  Add lattice for privacy and outdoor furnishings and – POW – you’ve got a great space for outdoor parties or a relaxing oasis for hot days.

Have small children? Your under-deck area is a great place to play when you equip it with toys, a sandbox or even a spiral slide down from the deck. If you’d like to enjoy it yourself, hang a swing bench and enjoy your children or a different vista to your backyard. If you would like to explore ways you can imagine the space under your deck, contact us today.

Privacy Screens Protect Your Personal Space

Just as the name implies, privacy screen helps to block out unpleasant external sights that would otherwise create an eyesore or visual disturbance. Plus they screen your activities and movements from the watchful eyes of neighbors.

Privacy screens are used for a variety of purposes. If you play host to regular family get-togethers and friendly BBQs, or prefer a more relaxed space to unwind with a book and a glass of wine, privacy screens can give you a more enjoyable space — and even peace of mind.

Is your view of the backyard (or neighborhood) less than perfect? A privacy screen can obscure unsightly items are a necessity we can’t part with. (Think wheelbarrows, tanks, tools etc.) Using a privacy screen you can shield these items from view. Because they also allow airflow through the slats, they make your time outdoors even more enjoyable. Finally, the many design styles offer you options that will truly complement your home’s exterior. Want to learn more about ways privacy screen designs from Atlanta Decking? Contact us today by clicking here.

Exterior Spiral Stairs Have Unique Benefits

Gaining popularity over the last decade, spiral stairs enjoy many benefits when paired with a back deck or porch. We know from experience as Atlanta Decking has been building custom spiral stairs for many years. If you have a smaller yard or deck and a standard staircase is not a viable option, spirals can be a perfect fit as they’re a great space server with a smaller footprint. Find out all the special features and benefits of an exterior spiral staircase by contacting us for a free design consultation.

The Popularity of Sheds

There are many reasons our customers choose to build a shed on their property. For example, a storage shed helps open up the living space in your home. It allows you to keep tools and items you don’t use regularly out of sight and protected. That includes bulky, unattractive equipment such as weed whackers, lawn mowers and other tools. A shed helps reduce clutter and keeps things organized. A storage shed can even be used as a professional studio, office or playhouse.

If you’re considering a shed, let’s talk about how it can become the perfect structure for your residence. Contact us today to consider all the design possibilities!

Stairs & Railings Don’t Have to Be Boring

Just as there are a myriad of deck styles, know that stairs and railings offer many design options, too. To start with, you may choose open stairs or one with risers (also called ‘toe kicks’). Depending on space, you may consider stairs with a landing, straight stairs or even spiral stairs. Material choice is yet another thing to consider. You will probably wish to use match your deck — whether it’s pressure-treated pine, hardwood or composite. We can help walk you through design options and recommendations. Simply contact us today regarding a no-hassle consultation.