Arbors and Pergolas Bring a Dramatic Accent and Impress Your Neighbors

Are you looking for a way to enhance the quality of your outdoor living experience? Do you want to make a change to your deck or patio to give it more visual appeal? Do you need a place where you can store those extra potted plants you have? Well, there is one easy solution to achieve all three – add a pergola! A pergola is a simple structure that can transform your backyard and turn it into an outdoor living space that you love. To some people, pergolas may look like uncompleted structures as they are typically built with roof beams and vertical beams without a solid roof or walls. But they come with benefits and can help change the entire look of your outdoor space. There are many reasons why you should get a pergola for your home.

Here are several reasons to consider a pergola for your own home:

  • They help define your backyard. You can create an entertainment lounge or a dining area, which is amazing, especially if you do not have a deck or patio. If you want a definite purpose in your outdoor area, a pergola is the perfect solution.
  • You get privacy: Don’t like being on display when you are enjoying your outdoor space? A pergola is a great solution. Although it is an open structure, you can create privacy by adding outdoor drapes, latticework, or screens to one side of the pergola.
  • Pergolas provide additional space for plants: Hang plants from the boards and create a gorgeous garden in the air. A pergola is also appropriate for plants like clematis, honeysuckle, ivy, wisteria and grape vines. They will grow from the ground up and can create a beautiful natural ceiling as they intertwine themselves in the boards.
  • Enjoy protection and shade from the elements: A pergola provides a beautiful shaded area where you can enjoy the summer day without worrying about sunburn. If you have a natural roof made of climbing flowers, you instantly get an outdoor lounge where you can relax.
  • They create value: According to experts, you can add as much as 20 percent to your home with attractive landscaping. Pergolas are quite affordable and add a lot of beauty and interest to your outdoor area —making it a poignant asset if you decide to sell your home.
  • You can combine it with other structures: One of the best things about a pergola is that it can be used as a lead-in to another structure like a back porch or gazebo — creating an eye-catching outdoor living area. No matter what you choose, remember that this versatile structure does not have to be on its own. In fact, it often works best when combined with other backyard designs.
  • They establish a place to entertain outside: Everyone loves outdoor parties and a pergola gives you an outdoor entertainment area that is attractive and versatile. There are many superlative ideas that you can use to create a space where you can get loved ones together, whether it is a dining area or a lounge to sit and share a bottle of wine or sip coffee while gossiping!
  • Make your pergola uniquely yours: We know a pergola is an attractive addition to any backyard. But you can even make them more beautiful by adding accessories like hanging pots, lights, outdoor curtains (and much more) to complement your own personality and style.

Extremely versatile, pergolas can be the ideal complement to a multi-level deck, a design treatment above a garage, over an outdoor kitchen, or as a shady accent over an outdoor room. With over 30 years experience, our pergola builders at Atlanta Decking & Fence will ensure you have the ideal pergola designs to complement your outdoor living space. Call us today for your free pergola design consultation.