Low Maintenance, Man-Made, Synthetic, Composite Decking: Various Names for the Ultimate Choice

Synthetic materials such as composite decking are the fasting growing segment of the decking market and are the most popular choice for lower maintenance decks. These materials have a similar appearance and feel to wood, with some offering realistic grain finishes, often with a slip resistant surface that’s very comfortable under foot. Composite decking, for instance, combines wood and plastic for maximum durability and attractiveness. There is a wide range of natural color choices available to coordinate with any home. In fact, a composite deck is an ideal element to consider when planning an exterior design project.

What is Composite Decking?

Composite decking is made from a combination of plastic and wood fiber. The wood fiber typically consists of anything from wood chips to sawdust. Additionally, the plastic part of composite decking can come from recycled or new plastic materials.

The two main processes for creating composite decking are extrusion and compression molding. During extrusion, the wood fiber and plastic are mixed together and forced through an opening that produces pieces with a fairly regular shape and size. During compression molding, the molten materials are placed on a wood grain mold and compressed under extreme heat to give them texture.

This process has become more sophisticated in recent years since it was first conceived. Boards are made to be hardier, with surface patterning that is more detailed. Color ranges are richer. This is because consumer expectations around these things have become more refined — with more attention to detail, feel, and aesthetics.

Make Your Composite Deck Truly Your Own

Like wood decks, you can polish your project with design features such as railings, lighting, and finishing options for an outdoor living space that will look beautiful during your family’s most important moments—from first birthdays to high school graduations, and every day in between.

Your new deck is ready when you light up the grill, enjoy friendly conversations, or simply relax and kick back from a busy day. And your composite deck will be durable enough for your family to take pleasure in for years to come.

Featuring high-definition wood grain patterns and rich, saturated colors, composite decking looks and feels more natural than ever before. Color options range from deep earth tones to spicy reds and pristine grays, including tropically-inspired boards that feature the distinct streaked look of exotic hardwoods. In addition to the range of decking looks available, homeowners also can find a wide selection of composite accessories, such as railings, stairs, gates, pergolas, and furniture, to create a truly customized outdoor space. In fact, composite decks come with warranty coverage not typically offered with traditional decking materials.

Environmentally Friendly, Low Maintenance Decks Save You Time

While they will require periodic cleaning to remove environmental dirt, structures made from composite decking and other man-made materials require far less maintenance than other decking materials. They are considered to be environmentally friendly, ‘green’ building products, as most are made with recycled or reclaimed materials. Composite decking provides the look and feel of wood without the environmental impact.