Custom Fence Designs Only Limited by the Imagination

You may love the charming look of lattice or prefer a contemporary horizontal board treatment. Perhaps you’ve always loved Chippendale design but want it in a dark stain with heavier dimensionality. No worries. Our custom fence team can create the overall look and detailing you’ll admire for years to come. You may also be influenced by your home’s architecture or the geography of your area.

Custom Wood Fence Designs

Our custom wood fences are designed to be the perfect natural accent to your garden, yard or residence. With a variety of options, we will help you make the best decisions about your new custom wood fence. After all, your chosen fence design should beautifully reflect the architectural look of your home and meet your needs for privacy and functionality.

There are a wide variety of design elements and material details that will ultimately impact the overall look of your custom fence. These include: fence board size & patterns, post size (width & height), railings, joinery techniques, post caps/finials, type of wood or composite and metal work.

Materials and Options for Custom Fences

  • Materials:  To maximize the life expectancy of a wood fence, the frame should be made of pressure treated lumber set in steel column bases. The posts and fence boards can be made from a variety of woods. Better wood grades and thicker fence boards and beams lengthen the life expectancy of your project.
  • Accessories & Built-ins:  The type of trim, moldings, lattice, post caps, finials and other custom fence detailing will add to the uniqueness of your fence. But adding accessories can ALSO enhance your fence’s functionality. Built-ins such as benches, privacy nooks, plant containers and shelves, vine trellises, lanterns, and other lighting can all add an element of accent that is unique to your custom fence.
  • Metalwork:  Hardware like handles, hinges, and bolting can be a valuable way to beef up the longevity of your fence, but pick the right ones, and they can bring personality to your wood fence. Accents, such as copper post caps or blackened iron joining straps, can enhance the appearance of your fence as well.
  • Lighting:  Do you plan to spend time around your fence at night? The choice of lighting style and fixtures, such as lanterns hung from posts, mounted sconces, or spot lighting can create an immediate sense of dramatic style – in addition to providing a valuable safety feature and extending the enjoyment of your enclosed space.

Atlanta Decking’s wood fences are symmetrically built board by board on site – so we can truly customize your fencing to the natural undulation of your property. A custom wood fence done right can expand the beauty of any property and last forever, so it is important to us that our professionals provide precision installation and master craftsmanship every time. Our fencing experts will help you select exactly the right design and materials for your custom fence. Please note, we require a minimum of 100 ft. for fence orders.

Call us today for a free, no-hassle consultation. We’re good listeners and will help you envision the perfect custom fence to complement your property and landscaping.