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The Focal Point in Any Fence Line is the Custom Wood Garden Gate

Ever take a trip to Savannah and wonder just what’s behind those magnificent garden gates adjoining historic residences? There’s something really magical and alluring about those gates. They conjure up a time of romance, mystery, and beautiful gardens that lie beyond. Atlanta Decking strives to integrate a balance of beauty, craftsmanship, and longevity when designing custom wood gates in north metro Atlanta.

Add a Little Magic and Mystery to Your Yard with Gate Arbors

It’s almost like having your own little storybook right in your own yard. Building a garden arbor with a gate, even a small gate you can easily see beyond, helps create something a little magical. Gate arbors almost make you feel like you’re entering a new realm in your yard. Simply walking through the archway makes you feel that the garden area is a distinct, separate area of your yard. It creates a quiet oasis of solitude and relaxation. Consider our gate arbors to make your yard more magical. Contact us today to request a free quote.

Please Note: A minimum of 100′ of fence is required when purchasing a gate. Sorry, we do not build and install gates separately.