The Focal Point in Any Fence Line is the Custom Wood Garden Gate

Ever take a trip to Savannah and wonder just what’s behind each magnificent wood garden gate adjoining historic residences? There’s something magical and alluring about those gates. They conjure up a time of romance, mystery, and beautiful gardens that lie beyond. Atlanta Decking & Fence strives to integrate a balance of beauty, craftsmanship, and longevity when designing custom wood gates in north metro Atlanta.

Garden gates can do so much more than just divide property or protect your garden. Like the front door to your home, your backyard gate should also be warm and welcoming — so your guests can feel comfortable entering. The optimal garden gate design will fit your outdoor space — whether it be a whimsical cottage gate or a more formal design befitting an estate. You may also wish to frame it with an ivy or Clematis archway to provide a magical or romantic vibe.

Why is a Wood Garden Gate Special?

There are many reasons why wood garden gates are so popular, from their versatility to unique style. Wood is completely unlike iron, chain link, or any other gate material.


Wood garden gates are available in a variety of colors and can be stained or painted to achieve the look you want. Whether you wish for a more rustic appearance or something more polished and sophisticated, wood is a versatile material that can accomplish both styles. It is also a sustainable and natural material, making it more affordable than a wrought iron gate. Atlanta Decking’s garden gates come in a variety of styles including capped, single, double, custom lattice top, and many more. Custom wood gates typically feature heavy-duty hardware, again, in a variety of styles to fit the design of your gate.


Wood is quite affordable when compared to gates made from other materials such as metal or plastic. Atlanta Decking gates are typically made with pressure-treated pine or cedar. Unlike metal designs that allow visitors to peek through bars, a fully enclosed wooden gate protects your privacy.


Wood is a very durable material and your gate should stand strong against the forces of nature. You will want to ensure your wooden gate’s beauty by treating the timber with a wood preservative and a top coat of oil, stain, paint, or varnish. Also, unlike metal or plastic counterparts, wood has a unique aging process that many find very aesthetically pleasing. With the proper protective treatment, your wooden gate will last for many years and show off its age beautifully.


A wood garden gate is a good choice environmentally. With the current concerns regarding climate change, we all must do our bit to make the world as renewable as possible.

Benefits of a Wooden Garden Gate

Wooden gates can be used in a variety of different applications. You can use them as a side gate, allowing for a convenient entrance to the rear of your property. However, depending on where you live, you may choose to invest in some quality security hardware to prevent intruders from gaining unwanted access to your property. You may also want to consider a double gate for several reasons. A double design consists of two gates with hinges on either side of the aperture. The gates can be secured in place using a drop bolt and latch in the center. Double gates offer a more elegant appearance when opened from the middle and are a conventional style, they are very appealing to people.

  • Wider driveway entrances can be accommodated by double gates than by single ones.
  • The smaller swing radius needed while opening and shutting the gate is a significant advantage over a single gate. Only a 5-foot swing radius would be needed for a 10-foot opening. Entrance will be simpler as less of your driveway needs to be maintained.
  • There are two pillars to bear the pressure of the gate and give support to it.
  • Double gates come in a wider variety of sizes and designs and you are less likely to need custom gates manufactured, which saves money.
  • Both gates can be opened separately from one another, making it simpler to utilize.
  • Additionally, because of their split size, they are typically lighter than a single gate.

For folks with larger properties, a double gate at the back of their fence line allows tractors and other garden equipment to enter and exit. This is especially advantageous when landscaping, limited space, or aesthetic considerations are a concern.

Custom Design and Installed Gates, Arbors, Decks, Fences, and More

Beyond design aesthetics, there are a variety of lumber and hardware options to consider. Our fence expert, Tim Moss, will walk you through and provide recommendations for your ‘entrance’. A well-built wooden garden gate from Atlanta Decking & Fence should give your landscape appeal, safety, and enjoyment for decades.