The Focal Point in Any Fence Line is the Custom Wood Garden Gate

Ever take a trip to Savannah and wonder just what’s behind those magnificent garden gates adjoining historic residences? There’s something really magical and alluring about those gates. They conjure up a time of romance, mystery, and beautiful gardens that lie beyond. Atlanta Decking strives to integrate a balance of beauty, craftsmanship, and longevity when designing custom wood gates in north metro Atlanta. Garden gates can do so much more than just divide a property or protect your garden. Like the front door to your home, your backyard gate should also be warm and welcoming — so your guests can feel comfortable entering in. The optimal garden gate design will fit your outdoor space —  whether it be a whimsical cottage gate or a more formal design befitting an estate. You may also wish to frame it with an ivy or Clematis archway to provide a magical or romantic vibe. Beyond design aesthetics, there are a variety of lumber and hardware options to consider and our fence expert, Tim Moss, will walk your through and provide recommendations for your ‘entrance’. A well built wooden gate from Atlanta Decking should give your landscape appeal, safety and enjoyment for decades.