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How to Create Solid Entertaining with Hardscapes

TOP Section Hardscapes

If you’ve been thinking about how to create a great outdoor entertaining space this year, it’s time to take a look at hardscapes. Rock Your Space with a Patio A patio can be a great focal point and gathering place for family and guests. Depending on the look you want to achieve, there are many material options including pavers, slate, …

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Pick a Peck of Picket Fences

picket fences

It is hard to find anything more Americana than picket fences. Here’s a primer to provide a little history and a few insights about choosing the best style for your needs. History Picket fences date back to America’s earliest colonial era. Brought to the New World by European settlers, they were first used to outline domestic borders. Enterprising colonists who …

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Plan Now for a Low-Maintenance Garden This Year

TOP Section Garden Planning

Let’s face it. We love our gardens in Georgia, but we’re busy people — so who has time to maintain one? When you choose to go the low-maintenance route the answer is simple — you CAN make it happen! Here’s how. Invest Time Upfront Begin by soil testing to check the pH level of your planting area. When you identify …

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Is Winter the Best Time to Build a Privacy Fence?

TOP Section Winter Privacy Fence

Winter, as we know it in the South, is fast approaching and that can mean only one thing. A new wood privacy fence! Didn’t see that one coming, did you? Why in the world is winter the ideal time of the year to add a privacy fence? Read on! Before we discuss the advantages of winter construction, let’s review a …

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4 Ways to Warm Up Your Outdoor Living Space

TOP Section Back Porch

With winter just around the corner, now is a good time to consider ways to help you enjoy your outdoor living space despite chilly temperatures. 1. Outdoor Fireplaces – Outdoor fireplaces offer a focal point as a central feature of your back yard. Not surprisingly, outdoor fireplaces have both wood-burning and gas options. Wood-burning fireplaces typically have a more authentic …

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Your September Checklist

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Now that we’ve weathered the storm of another hot and humid summer, it is time to turn our attention towards September when cooler temperatures mercifully begin to arrive and school is entering its second month. We’ve put together a checklist of ideas that can help you get ready for fall. Get Your Garage in Order If you haven’t cleaned your …

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Make Your Backyard Shimmer!

TOP Shimmering Blog Opt 1

Ahhh, the backyard. A place to relax, reflect, and get away from life’s complexities. But it’s also quite possibly a space you take for granted. If that is the case, perhaps now is the time to give it some shimmer by adding a touch of romance and interest for those evening strolls in your very own slice of paradise. Reflecting …

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The Special Appeal of Craftsman Design

1 Craftsman Header Opt

If you are a fan of the HGTV show “House Hunters,” you can attest to the fact that Craftsman style homes are extremely popular (and not just with reality television “stars.”) Let’s take a quick “tour” of the Craftsman. A Short History Craftsman homes were first introduced in southern California in the early 1900s Brothers Charles Sumner Greene and Henry …

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Let’s Eat Out! Great Backyard Locations to Inspire Your Favorite Chef

TOP Kitchen Blog Diff Opt

With everything so lush and green around Atlanta, it’s a fabulous time to enjoy nature and treat yourself and family to barbecues! Cooking in an outdoor kitchen is a fantastic way to get the benefits of the sunshine, fresh air, and your homegrown greens and herbs. Your own backyard probably offers up several different areas for cooking. Let’s consider a …

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A Plethora of Pergolas that Help You Keep Your Cool

Pergola Header 1 Opt

We Southeasterners have come to appreciate early springs, cool falls and short winters. Those very pleasant seasons almost make us forget our punishing summers. Which brings us to the subject of pergolas — including their cooling benefits, the best locations for your property and a variety of design options. What Exactly is a Pergola? A pergola is a garden feature …

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