July 13, 2021
pressure treated deck builder

Back to the Classics: The Enduring Popularity of Pressure-Treated Decks

Nobody can deny the beauty and classic elegance of wood. The combination of color, texture, and grain all work together to create the uniqueness that wood
May 18, 2021

What’s Your Backyard Personality?

As we head into summer, our backyards become more popular than ever. However, we all like to use our space in different ways. Depending on what
April 30, 2021
pressure treated deck

Choosing the Right Deck Material

If you are considering adding a deck to your home, don’t overlook choosing the right material to meet your needs. While pressure treated wood has been
April 22, 2021

The Many Virtues of Enclosing a Deck

There are many reasons for enclosing your deck. Perhaps you want to expand your home’s footprint. Maybe it is to enjoy more outdoor time without the
January 11, 2021
lattice privacy fence

The Benefits of a Lattice Privacy Fence or Screen

Adding fencing is a delicate balance between privacy and style. Building a fortress in your backyard may do the trick when it comes to protecting your
November 13, 2020

Standing Water in Yards and Water Runoff

Atlanta’s rainy days may have left you with an unwelcomed gift — standing water. Here are some ways to address the problem. Decide Where You Want
September 28, 2020

7 Design Moves to Give a Flat Yard More Depth

If you have a boring flat yard and wish you had some rises and dips to create interest, take heart. Here are several ideas that can
September 14, 2020
pergola designs

Pergolas and Shade Structures to Make Your Backyard Uber Cool

Shade, glorious shade. The compromise between Atlanta’s heat and the joys of summer. The opportunity to enjoy the great outdoors in comfort. Here are some cool
August 21, 2020

Why adding a deck is a great cost-effective way to protect your home’s value

When you’re considering your next home improvement project, you will want to consider how much of your investments you’ll be able to recoup. Remodeling magazine comes