The Special Allure of Garden and Fence Gates

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The Special Allure of Garden and Fence Gates

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People often say that the eyes are the windows to the soul. Well, the same might be said about fence gates as they pertain to your garden. Let’s take a closer look at the garden entrances and see why gates are such an important part of the story.

Garden gates are the perfect combination of form and function and each reflects the personality of the homeowner. For example:

The Romantic

  • Think heart-shaped cutouts and soft colors. Imagine beyond the gate a bed of pastel flowers, lighted candles and soft lighting. A Romantic may take herself on a journey to an architectural salvage yard to find a gate with its own history and then with a little paint and or a thorough whitewash achieves a look that is her very own.

The Dramatist

  • The Dramatist goes for big and bold for a dramatic entrance to her garden. The gate may be a bit oversized in height and width but that’s the point if one wants to enable visitors to make a grand entrance. She favors an uniquely expressive quality to her gate and employs backlit lighting to create an unforgettable experience.

The Traveler

  • The Traveler is inspired to incorporate her favorite destinations into her garden gate. For example, stark white and blues allude to Greece while terra-cotta is reminiscent of the American Southwest or Italy.

The Mystery Seeker

  • The mystery seeker ensures her garden contains a hidden entryway. For a hidden garden, gates and entryways are critical to achieving the goal of defining passage from public to private. For the entryway, she incorporates overhanging trees that block outside views and a wooden gate covered in vines to bring a sense of mystery to her garden.
  • Continuing with the theme, incorporate evergreen hedges and trees with leafy canopies. Fencing with tall, layered plantings will make your garden area feel like a retreat in the woods with its own special set of secrets.

Atlanta Decking is one of the largest fence builders in the metro Atlanta area. Yet, each fence installation and gate design is a custom creation that is built to realize the dream of our customer. If you’re looking for a fence company to ensure the safety of children, pets, your own privacy or even to simply beautify your residence, call Tim Moss for a free design consultation at 770-781-4641.