Your September Checklist

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Fall Cleaning Checklist | Atlanta Decking & Fence Company

Your September Checklist

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Now that we’ve weathered the storm of another hot and humid summer, it is time to turn our attention towards September when cooler temperatures mercifully begin to arrive and school is entering its second month. We’ve put together a checklist of ideas that can help you get ready for fall.

Get Your Garage in Order

  • If you haven’t cleaned your garage since last spring, now’s the time. Before you start, make a list of where you can bring items (donations, hazardous waste, etc.). Before you consider purchasing new shelving or wall-mounted organizers, address the clutter so you know precisely what to buy.

Organize Your Family Calendar

  • You can go old school and hang a big paper wall calendar (hard for a child or spouse to claim they didn’t see it!), or choose a digital version. Fill it with all the important school dates like teacher/parent conferences, school activities and more plus your children’s practice schedules. If grandparents or extended family are a big part of your life, be sure to share the calendar with them.

Check Your Emergency Kits

  • Remember, some emergency supplies have expiration dates like food or medications. Plus, batteries tend to run out of juice at the most inopportune times so be sure to check them as well. If you don’t have a family emergency kit, now’s the time to create one.

Stain Your Deck

  • September is an excellent month to stain your deck because conditions are perfect to ensure optimal results. Staining in extreme heat can be problematic because the direct sunlight can cause the deck to dry too quickly which will leave water marks. If the forecast calls for no rain and temperatures at or below 80 degrees you should be good to go. Looking to add a deck to your home? Get a free design consultation.

Clean Out the Pantry and Fridge

  • Check for expired or unwanted food in both the pantry and fridge/freezer. You may be surprised to find more than a few items well past their prime.

Check Your Safety Devices

  • Test your carbon dioxide and smoke detectors and replace batteries as needed. Check the expiration date on your fire extinguisher, if you have one. If that is missing from your supply kit, it’s time to pick one up!

Organize Your Family Photos

  • Do you have a wealth of new photos from summer activities? Now that school is off and running, you may have the time to organize and sort them before you take on your next significant events: Halloween, Thanksgiving, and year-end holidays. Be sure to back up your photos and then make an album of your best shots. Then, take the best of the best, frame them and display them as an ode to the Summer of 2017.

Clean Leather Furniture

  • A word to the wise: before you treat your leather products with any products, check to see if your leather furniture has a finish before you begin. Be sure to check labels or look up the item on your retailer’s website. Better to be safe than sorry. When cleaning unprotected leather (also called aniline), wipe gently with a clean, dry cloth, or a cloth slightly dampened with distilled water. For protected leather (also known as pigmented or semi-aniline), use a commercial leather cleaning product or make your own solution by adding a few drops of mild non-detergent soap to distilled water.

Inspect Your Roof and Gutters

  • Complete a quick visual inspection before fall leaves clog your gutters and downspouts. Remove sticks and other debris and make a note or take a photo of worn out seals around vent pipes and chimneys.