Make Your Backyard Shimmer!

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Make Your Backyard Shimmer!

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Ahhh, the backyard. A place to relax, reflect, and get away from life’s complexities. But it’s also quite possibly a space you take for granted. If that is the case, perhaps now is the time to give it some shimmer by adding a touch of romance and interest for those evening strolls in your very own slice of paradise.

Reflecting Ponds & Pools

Think of a reflecting pool as an oversized mirror that accentuates the best aspects of your home. Traditional reflecting pools were typically large and expansive with an equally hefty maintenance requirement. But they don’t have to be overwhelming.  For example, a small L-shaped water design is space-conscious and gives the home a sophisticated feel. Those with perfect designs feature an outer rim at a height that is lower than the central area of the pool. The result? Minimal waves and maximum calmness and serenity.

Add a walkway or garden with a bridge that floats above the pool and you’ll be sure to heed the siren’s call to enjoy more of the outdoors!

Lights Galore

A patio sconce is a lighting fixture attached to the wall and can add much needed light around corners, your sliding door, or along walkways. A dimmer gives you maximum control over your outdoor setting.

String lights are a great way to easily and cost-effectively keep your patio well-lit. Hang them in a pattern or just keep the alignment simple. Either way, your patio lighting is covered.

Rope lighting is the ultimate way to be creative and add a level of fun to your backyard. If you have small children, this will be a sure winner because kids love rope lighting!

Recessed lighting, while traditionally an indoor design, recessed lighting can work to great effect under a gazebo, pavilion, or pergola. Because they are out of sight, recessed lighting creates a more natural look and feel for your back yard.

Gazing Balls

Probably our favorite addition to the backyard are gazing balls. Introduced in 13th century Venice, they have stood the test of time. These colorful globes bring flair to your garden but they also provide less tangible but more intriguing benefits like warding off evil, bringing good luck, and, well, you get the picture. In fact, they go by many names: lawn balls, yard globes, witch balls, even globes of happiness.

If positioned strategically, gazing balls naturally attract birds. Be sure to place them in low-traffic areas to avoid breakage and store them indoors during winter to prevent cracking.

Are you familiar with “electroculture” which involves the use of electricity and magnetism? If you are, we’re impressed. If not, here’s a bit of insight. The steel material of gazing balls makes them magnets for static charges which makes the surrounding air have a higher proportion of nitrogen. The effect is similar to fertilizer, which, of course, is critical for bringing life and health to whatever you choose to grow in your garden.