Front Portico Design & Build Craftsman

For the uninitiated, front porticos are covered entrances for the front door that help accentuate the entry area. While curb appeal is the most obvious benefit, a front makeover with a new portico can do so much more for your house. From a practical perspective, you will be protecting your front door, threshold, foyer, and more from outside elements.

The benefit of front porticos, which are inspired by the design of community-oriented neighborhoods, is the numerous styles to choose from and a variety of ways to customize. Basic styles are gabled, flat, curved, or hip. Because construction details can vary (eg: roof styles, lighting, etc.), we will suggest an optimal design that will provide maximum curb appeal from any angle. Every front portico is custom designed and tailored to complement your home’s unique architecture. We typically develop a photo proposal for you to review, ensuring your satisfaction before any work begins.

Our sister division, Georgia Front Porch, is the only porch builder in the state specializing in the design and building of residential front porticos and porches. Click on the photos above to view larger versions and see what each house looked like before receiving a portico ‘face-lift’ from Georgia Front Porch!