Front Porches


Front Porches and Porticos

When you add a front porch or portico to your home you immediately enhance your curb appeal. The most dramatic transformation happens when a “flat-faced” home receives an expansive front porch or beautifully designed portico that complements the existing facade. Our galleries will show you the before and after transformation that takes place when a new portico or front porch is added to a home.

While curb appeal is the most obvious benefit, a front ‘makeover’ can do so much more for your house. From a practical perspective, you will be protecting your front door, threshold, foyer, and more from outside elements. And, in the case of front porches, you will also enlarge the living space for you and your family. Plus, it can really help to boost your home’s resale price! To see what a difference a curb appeal transformation can be, click above left for Portico Before & Afters or click above right for Porch Before & Afters.

Front porches offer a beautiful addition to the front of your home

Front porches add depth and additional space to the front of your house, making the living space look bigger. The additional area that will now be covered is a great place to spend time with family in a shaded area away from excessive sun and rain. If you are looking to sell your house, a new front porch will make the living space seem bigger and add more complexity to your home, an attribute that is sure to get attention from prospective buyers. Give your house a little extra beauty and your family a place to enjoy Georgia summers without all of the heat by calling Atlanta Decking & Fence today!

Porticos add depth to a flat-faced home

Adding a portico can change the look and feel of a flat front house. The new portico will add a place for guests to get out of the rain when they come to visit. A portico will also add more complexity to the look of your house, increasing its value among potential buyers. Georgia climate can often go from one extreme to another and a portico will help protect your front door from outside elements that can cause it to wear and lose its beauty. Of course, this can also save money in replacements that can cause damage to your front door or threshold. Add a touch of beauty and protection with a portico from Atlanta Decking & Fence today!

Whether it is porticos or front porches, Atlanta Decking & Fence has the expertise you need. With over 100 years of combined experience, we know what works best for houses in the Georgia climate. We can add the beauty and utility that you need to make your home more welcoming and more valuable. Call us today to give your house the makeover it deserves and give your family the dream home they have always wanted. Browse our galleries to see our previous work or contact us today to get a free quote on your addition.