What to Do When the Winter Greys Set In

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What to Do When the Winter Greys Set In | Atlanta Decking

What to Do When the Winter Greys Set In

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It’s time to add more color and light for maximum effect inside and outside your home!

Certainly, Atlanta doesn’t have the lengthy winters of the Northeast or Midwest but we do have a bit of dreary weather. That doesn’t mean that our homes have to be grey and colorless too. Here are some ideas to help brighten up curb appeal and spruce up the interior:


Smart Ways to Brighten Up Your Home’s Exterior:

Paint your front door a bright blue, yellow or red. Or, keep things simple and add vibrancy via a new wreath and doormat.

Enlist Mother Nature by adding plants like barberry, boxwood or juniper that thrive in winter. Place them in brightly colored pots and you have instant color.

Put up a new bird feeder or two! They’re sure to attract a beautiful blue jay or bright red cardinals (they appear as winter ornaments among the bare trees).

If you have a front porch large enough for chairs, make them bright colors. It still may be a bit chilly to sit out front, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t take advantage of this opportunity to add a colorful hue. If you don’t have a front porch but have always wanted one, simply let us know and we’ll help you design one that perfectly fits your home’s current design.

Add outdoor bulbs on a string for a café-like atmosphere you can enjoy from the comfort of your home.


Great Tips to Brighten Up Your Home’s Interior:

Brighten up your interior with a touch of magenta or teal on pillows, rugs or picture frames.

If you’re looking for a warm color, think orange because it works well with brighter colors like greens and blues. You don’t have to overhaul a room—instead add small pieces that will pop in the room like a bright yellow coat rack or orange side table.

Place produce like apples, oranges and bananas in plain sight or fill a vase with bright blossoms that add height and elegance.

Place a premium on warmth by adding extra throws to your seating, and a texture rug to your flooring.