Is Winter the Best Time to Build a Privacy Fence?

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Building a Privacy Fence in Winter | Atlanta Decking & Fence

Is Winter the Best Time to Build a Privacy Fence?

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Winter, as we know it in the South, is fast approaching and that can mean only one thing. A new wood privacy fence! Didn’t see that one coming, did you? Why in the world is winter the ideal time of the year to add a privacy fence? Read on!

Before we discuss the advantages of winter construction, let’s review a couple of important advantages of a privacy fence you may not have considered.

It increases your home value and can be a big plus when it comes time to sell your property because buyers with younger children or pets will covet the security of a privacy wood fence. Another advantage of a privacy fence is that it provides clear-cut boundaries between you and your neighbors. This can become extremely important if you or people on the adjoining properties plan to sell their home. Hopefully your new neighbors will be just as friendly as the current residents, but a fence that adheres to your designated property lines will remove any potential future disputes.

Advantages to Winter Construction

Let’s face it. A new wood fence and fence gate requires construction. And that means you want your landscape as dormant as possible to minimize the impact on your back yard. During winter, most shrubs, plants and trees grow dormant and your lawn doesn’t grow at all. Not having to worry about harming plant life will simplify and expedite the fence construction.

If you covet privacy, a wood fence and gate will achieve your goals while your greenery remains dormant. If you rely on trees and shrubs for privacy, all that falls away as your leaves abandon their posts. So, why wait until spring to build your fence when winter presents this outstanding opportunity to ensure your privacy year-round?

Beat the Rush with Fence Companies

When spring rolls around, fence companies are in high demand. It seems as though everyone who had considered a fence is now ready for the work to be done. But when customers call for a winter fence installation, lead times are much shorter. Plus, spring is the ideal time to enjoy your new fence, rather than waiting for it to be built!

While Atlanta doesn’t get nearly as cold as the Northeast or Midwest, we have more than our share of chilly days. So, after a few months of being fairly dormant inside, the last thing we need is for the backyard to be off limits in the spring when everyone wants to be outside enjoying warmer weather.

Create a Safe Environment for Your Holiday Puppy

One of the most popular times of the year to bring a new puppy into your home is during the winter holidays. If you are adding a four-legged friend to your family this holiday season, a wood fence and gate offers many advantages. It gives you a safe place to house train your pup without requiring a leash every time she answers nature’s call. It’s also the best environment in which to train your pup on or off leash. Finally, it gives her protection from unwelcome guests whose owners didn’t build a fence for their dogs!

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