Think Green Thru Winter – Potting Shed ideas inside the home

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Think Green Thru Winter - Potting Shed ideas inside the home - Atlanta Decking & Fence Company

Think Green Thru Winter – Potting Shed ideas inside the home

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Whether you are a devoted gardener or someone who likes to “play in the dirt,” winter is bound to cramp your style. But, there is a way to dabble as you wait for the soil to warm up, so you can do your thing—a potting shed inside your home!

Whether you decide to winterize your back porch, or you choose to re-purpose the mudroom or another space, here are tips to help you get the most functionality out of it:

  • Make sure the room has a durable floor that can hide dirt. No matter how careful you are, dirt will fall to the ground. Your room should have a floor that makes sweeping up debris a breeze.
  • Give the room an inside and outside vibe simultaneously. Don’t be shy filling your space with peat, plants and mulch and then balance them with traditional indoor items like picture frames and drapery.
    If you choose to use a portion of your back porch as your potting room, locate it in a place that has easy access to the outdoors, so you can easily transport materials with minimal mess.
  • If the room has a sink, be sure to add a spray nozzle which will make it easier to center the pot underneath the faucet. A spray nozzle also allows you to stretch across the counter to plants not in the sink.
  • Remember, your room does not need to have a sink because an old-fashioned watering can also do the trick.
  • Add simple plank shelves for storage and easy access to materials.
  • Purchase a potting table with a tray top designed to keep soil contained. Before you begin your work, be sure to line the slats with newspaper. Look for a table that features a lower shelf handy for storing extra supplies.
  • To stimulate mossy growth on new pots, apply a mix of yogurt and crumpled moss, then leave the pots in a warm, moist and shady spot. True, it is quite messy, but the results will make it worthwhile.

An efficient—and attractive— potting workroom is a pleasure to have, so take time to consider design details prior to converting an indoor space. You can strike a balance between practicality and style when you bring such a space indoors. We recommend keeping the finishes natural and employing conventional garden-tool materials such as wood, metal, and terra-cotta.

Here are some additional design ideas for creating an enjoyable, potting space:

  • Utility sink – Consider a 6 foot long stainless steel sink, countertop and backsplash — all in one.
  • Period style faucet – a vintage 1930s design conveys an historic aesthetic and farm-to-table expertise.
  • Open shelves provide a rustic feeling with added convenience and efficiency.
  • Potting table – look for a table with a tray top to keep soil contained and line it with newspaper before you start your work. A lower shelf is handy for storing extra supplies.
  • Outdoor lighting for indoors – reproduction pendant barn lights are handsome and help illuminate task areas.
  • Flooring – nowadays, you can purchase plastic plank flooring that resemble textured, reclaimed wood but with easy-peasy clean up. For a more historic look, consider brick or terra cotta floor tiles.