Thanksgiving on the Back Porch

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Thanksgiving on the Back Porch | Atlanta Decking & Fence

Thanksgiving on the Back Porch

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Would you like to mix it up a bit this Thanksgiving? Rather than have everyone meet in a formal dining room, why not go a little more casual and head to the back porch? After all, there’s possibly no better living space to truly relax and engage in great food, conversation and nature!

Involve friends and family to help make your get together a success. They can set the table, style a centerpiece, light candles for a warm glow, or make place cards. Seize the opportunity to build relationships by cooking together. Some of the best conversations and memories are made while stirring a pot. Once you’re ready to move to the back porch, ask your guests to help with drinks and platters.  If there’s a chill in the air, provide sweaters and even small throw blankets (think sleigh ride). Of course, if you have a fireplace on your back porch — all the better! Swap stories of Thanksgivings past, be thankful for all the blessings in your lives and enjoy your time together.

Decorating and hosting tips to make your back porch Thanksgiving feast amazing!

Make it super cozy – Plaid flannel fabrics and throws provide immediate visual warms
while soft, furry pillows provide textural appeal.

Think casual and playful – The back porch is traditionally UN-formal, so let’s play that up. Take a good sized chalkboard and write something heartfelt about the season. Invite others to add to your message. String orange lights around the top of the room. Place seasonal wildflowers and pine cones on the table. Have fruits, nuts, cheese and crackers out before dinner so people can nosh.

Audio to soothe and set the mood – Don’t forget to provide music to warm up the room. For Thanksgiving, think classic playlists from Frank Sinatra, Nat King Cole, Ella Fitzgerald, Josh Groban, Michael Bublé, James Taylor and others.

Make it easy on yourself and guests – Go Buffet!  We love it when guests come in to a beautiful table – especially when it’s on your own back porch. So save yourself some work and set up a dinner buffet. When it comes time to eat, ask guests to grab their plates and serve themselves. It’s less work than serving food at the table and it lets you start the dinner with a beautiful focal point on the main table.

We wish you the very best during this special holiday season!

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