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Porch Details

Perfection is in the Details

It’s not just the design. It’s the execution that makes each project truly wonderful. Our craftsmen take great pride in making sure your back porch is prime-time ready for entertaining and relaxing! Whether it’s the degree of slope in your pitched ceiling and meet-ups to an existing roofline, the height of a knee wall, the fit and finish of your flooring or properly fitting screens or windows, every detail is important. You should expect nothing less which is why we don’t leave until you’re completely satisfied.

Details that Make Your Back Porch Truly Special

We’ve been building back porches and sunrooms around North metro Atlanta for over 25 years. But we also strive to stay fresh with new, innovative ideas and continually improve on our craftsmanship. That translates into excellent design and finished projects for you. Unique detailing might include inlay floors, distressed wood paneling, lantern lighting, exposed beams, coffered ceilings and more. If  you’re running out of ideas, we can help! Call us today at 770-781-4641 or contact us online to request a free quote.