Plan Now for a Low-Maintenance Garden This Year

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Plan Now for a Low-Maintenance Garden This Year

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Let’s face it. We love our gardens in Georgia, but we’re busy people — so who has time to maintain one? When you choose to go the low-maintenance route the answer is simple — you CAN make it happen! Here’s how.

Invest Time Upfront

Begin by soil testing to check the pH level of your planting area. When you identify the pH of the soil you’ll know the nutrient levels needed for your plantings to thrive. Watch expert gardener Walter Reeves talk about this important subject.

Choose Plants That Don’t Require a Lot of Water

Selecting plants, trees and a lawn that requires less water is a must for a low-maintenance garden. Also, by grouping plants according to water needs, you can be more efficient in your watering and actually save money off your bill. Plan on watering newly installed plants daily for the first 30 days, before reducing it to two to three times a week after that.

In addition, conduct an examination of your garden area to consider drainage and possible erosion issues. The Atlanta area is notorious for rainstorms, so you need to be aware of how and where water will drain from your property.

Choose Your Plants Wisely

Choose plants that require minimal pruning to save you time. Make sure you select the right plant for the size of your garden space so that you are not constantly pruning to keep the foliage under control. For example, planting a holly in front of a window can be problematic because it is fast-growing and would require constant maintenance to avoid blocking the light from going into your home.

To achieve a symmetrical design, it’s a good idea to group annuals by color. This can give your garden a beautiful look — minus the heavy upkeep! Also, because they come back year after year, choose perennials as part of your low-maintenance strategy.

Choose low-maintenance flowering shrubs that can thrive in Atlanta’s climate such as Encore Azaleas, Hydrangea, and Witch Hazel. For your plants, select Rhododendron, Zinnia, or Lantana. And for ground cover, consider the Cast Iron Plant, Mondo Grass, and Juniper.

As long as you plan your garden with low-maintenance in mind, you’ll be able to spend more time enjoying your beautiful space than maintaining it!

Garden Fences

Fence installation has an important role to play in the garden. They keep your plants safe from nibbling rabbits, chipmunks, opossums, raccoons, deer, and more. Fencing is the best way to provide complete protection for your hard work. Small gardens might employ soft, polyethylene mesh and sturdy plastic poles or even chicken wire. But if you’re looking for something sturdier that will provide value for years to come, our friendly fence expert, Tim Moss, can offer up some attractive alternatives. Our fences can also protect your yard from costly damage, yet keeps children and animals safe. Give Tim a call at 770-781-4641 for a free fence design consultation and get ready to enjoy your beautiful garden for years to come.