Get out of the HEAT – Cover your deck

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8 Ideas to Cover Your Outdoor Space | Atlanta Decking & Fence

Get out of the HEAT – Cover your deck

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Atlanta’s climate is a double-edged sword. Most residents appreciate a short winter and early spring. On the flipside, the summer months can be brutally hot and humid. We’re conditioned to spend as much time outside as possible but are stymied by summer heat and pop-up storms. Here are a few reasons to cover your deck, open porch, or patio, and a few additional options to consider if you don’t have an existing outdoor structure.

Reduce Summer Cooling Costs – If your open outdoor structure is positioned on the sunny side of your home, adding a roof can help reduce your overall cooling costs. This additional shade will enable you to set the thermostat at a higher temperature while maintaining comfort.

Reduce Maintenance – By covering your porch or deck, you’ll limit how often you’ll need to power wash it throughout the year. While not a foolproof solution for pollen, you’ll reduce the amount of that awful green-yellow coating that greets us each spring.

Add Years to Your Outdoor Furniture’s Life – Exposed to the elements, outdoor furniture has a limited shelf life. Add years of enjoyment by giving it that extra layer of protection.

Create a Seamless Transition from Indoors to Outdoors – A roof gives you the ability to add a television or sound system to your outdoor space. Enjoy your entertainment options indoors and out.

Feature Structure Lighting – Lighting can be challenging for an outdoor structure. Add a roof to your deck or porch, strategically position outlets and choose from myriad lighting options. While you’re at it, install a ceiling fan or two.

Add Climate Control Options – Have you considered an overhead mister for your patio? All it requires is a three-step process. First, add a roof to your patio. Next, have the mister installed. Finally, enjoy the outdoors in cool comfort!

Incorporate an Outdoor Kitchen – If you are like many Atlantans, you enjoy outdoor cooking. Add the kitchen of your dreams complete with electricity, lighting, a fridge, and, last but not least, a barbeque grill. We’d all agree that a dry cook is a happy cook, so cover that patio!

Increase Your Home’s Value – Covering your patio, deck or porch will add value to your home for one simple reason: you use your outdoor space more and so will potential buyers.

Whether you are considering covering an existing structure or adding a covered porch or pergola to your outdoor space, talk to us about your goals by calling 770-781-4641. We’ll show you examples of projects we have completed for customers to help them enjoy outdoor living, even during Atlanta’s scorching summers.