Add a Little Magic and Mystery to Your Yard with Gate Arbors

It’s almost like having your own little storybook right in your own yard. Building a garden arbor with a gate, even a small gate you can easily see beyond, helps create something a little magical. Gate arbors almost make you feel like you’re entering a new realm in your yard. Simply walking through the archway makes you feel that the garden area is a distinct, separate area of your yard. It creates a quiet oasis of solitude and relaxation.

A gated arbor creates a grand entrance to your garden or yard. The structure itself adds beauty and height, while an arbor gate brings a sense of security. Distinguish the entryway to your yard with one of the following gated arbor ideas.

Practical & Decorative Gate Arbors. Tall garden structures serve as a marker that directs visitors toward the opening in a fence or wall. Add lantern-style outdoor sconces and your gated arbor helps light the way at night for added security and visibility.

Define a Garden or an Outdoor Room. A lattice-paneled arbor with a gate provides an impressive entrance that matches the beauty or your garden inside.

Use gated arbor ideas to add prominence to an inconspicuous area of your yard. A white arbor with a gate can provide a charming entryway for a narrow side yard. A brick pathway with colorful flowers on each side creates an inviting look in a small space.

For a sturdy weather-resistant gated arbor, choose steel or aluminum (which resembles wrought iron). It can be finished with a powder coat for durability and a sleek look. This helps to soften up the metallic-look.

Consider including a gate that covers the lower half with arbor above. This allows visitors to see into the garden. The gate adds a sturdier look to the graceful arch and trellis of the arbor. To ensure your gate works seamlessly, install it so the bottom is high enough to avoid any obstructions.

An oversized arbor adds dramatic appeal to simple fence designs such as picket. It can exude charm on its own, but the addition of an arbor over the gate takes it to new heights. Consider adding two stately pillars and an arched top. This type of design brings traditional elegance to your custom gated arbor.

Blend your arbor gate into its surroundings by matching it with other outdoor elements. Imagine the top half of the gate mimicking the style of the trellis, while the bottom half is solid and matches the white woodwork of the arch.

Gated arbors can provide the perfect blend of privacy and aesthetic appeal. A rustic wooden arbor and gate can offer a natural-looking passageway into the backyard while ensuring an air of seclusion. We recommend the archway and gate be finished in the same color as the fence surrounding the yard, ensuring continuity throughout the space.

Match the style and angle of the archway with the roof of your house. This ensures your arbor gate coordinates beautifully with your yard. For more flair, add bright trim that offers a fun and welcoming point to enter the yard.

Mimic the gated arbor design with your the front door. Why not borrow design inspiration from your house? Consider using the same wood pattern and paint color that matches the front door for a truly unique and cohesive look!

Blend different styles to create an arbor gate that reflects your individual tastes. Consider building a gate arbor that mixes classic silhouettes with subtle Asian-inspired touches. Use large timbers to make up the frame, square grid panels to fill in the gates, and curbed knee braces that meet the beams overhead. This type of oriental wood arbor gate offers an idyllic gateway to the remainder of the yard.

There are a variety of styles of gate arbors including arched, rounded, tall, Asian, and craftsman-style gate arbors. We’ll help you consider various design options and ask you how you envision using your gate arbor. For example, will you be planting climbing vines to meander over it? Would you like to add entrance lights that perfectly complement the design? Do you wish to have the arbor’s base made of brick or stacked stone? Perhaps you want to introduce iron work into the arbor. Covering the details helps ensure that your gate arbor will be uniquely yours and a landscaping feature you’ll enjoy for many years to come. Consider our gate arbors to make your yard more magical. Contact us today to request a free quote.