Add a Little Magic and Mystery to Your Yard with Gate Arbors

It’s almost like having your own little storybook right in your own yard. Building a garden arbor with a gate, even a small gate you can easily see beyond, helps create something a little magical. Gate arbors almost make you feel like you’re entering a new realm in your yard. Simply walking through the archway makes you feel that the garden area is a distinct, separate area of your yard. It creates a quiet oasis of solitude and relaxation.

There are a variety of styles of gate arbors including arched, rounded, tall, Asian, and craftsman-style gate arbors. We’ll help you consider various design options and ask you how you envision using your gate arbor. For example, will you be planting climbing vines to meander over it? Would you like to add entrance lights that perfectly complement the design? Do you wish to have the arbor’s base made of brick or stacked stone? Perhaps you want to introduce iron work into the arbor. Covering the details helps ensure that your gate arbor will be uniquely yours and a landscaping feature you’ll enjoy for many years to come. Consider our gate arbors to make your yard more magical. Contact us today to request a free quote.