A Fresh Look at Atlanta Sheds Homeowners Love

If you think an outdoor shed has to look boring and non-descript, think again. That might be hard to imagine when you look at the average prefabricated options offered by your local home and garden store. Any one of the beautiful Atlanta sheds designed and built by Atlanta Decking can bring style to your outdoor storage needs at a very affordable price. A storage shed can keep all the things you don’t use regularly outside and out of sight. It’s a great solution for reducing clutter and storing away seasonal items such as Christmas trees, ornaments, wreaths, lights, etc.

Your Atlanta shed should not only meet your functional needs but also add to the beauty of your landscape. Atlanta Decking outdoor sheds are built to last and can withstand nearly everything Mother Nature can throw at them. Your shed design can be fairly simple if the main function is for storing lawn mowers, bicycles, gardening tools, and more. If you have grander plans we can create a shed for use as a private retreat or a special room for music, art, or other hobbies. When all is said and done, these more elaborate structures can actually be a centerpiece in your backyard space.

Atlanta Sheds Custom Designs

Your planned use of your Atlanta shed project will determine the interior, but outwardly the designs are almost limitless. Looking for traditional, charm-appeal? Try a country shed complete with carriage doors and window boxes. Perhaps an outdoor shed with a New England feel? Consider cedar shake siding with a cupola and weathervane on top. Longing for a ‘she shed’? We can design the perfect getaway that introduces natural light but gives you the privacy you need!

Detach from the World & Relax: Studios & Mini-Retreats

“A haven.”  “My little slice of heaven. “ “The only place I can really relax.” We all have different names for it but it is our place to leave the hectic world behind.

If you’re a closet writer, artist, seamstress or other creative soul with limited space, you may have dreamed of mini-office or studio. A perfect, quiet space just to get away from it all. You need look no further than your own backyard for such an oasis. Imagine a retreat just steps from your back door — complete with windows, a shingled roof, and even window boxes.  You might even consider other features such as decorative timber work, painted finishes, and even window treatments. Your own mini-cottage with just the right amount of privacy and inspired workspace.

The most typical size structures are 10-foot-by-12 foot and 8-foot-by-15-foot because, in most jurisdictions, those are the largest sizes that can be built without obtaining a permit. Even if you don’t need a permit, make sure you abide by zoning regulations. Typically, the structure must be set back a couple of feet from your property lines. And, if you have a homeowners association, be sure to check with them before you start.

If you’d like to open up space in your garage by adding an Atlanta shed to your backyard — or even a studio / mini-retreat, please contact us online today or request a free quote. You can also give us a call at 770-781-4641.

Similarly, if you are interested in installing another type of addition to your home such as a portico or front porch, visit our parent company, Georgia Front Porch.