Added Privacy Built with Style: Fence Privacy Screen Design

Looking for a little back or side yard privacy without compromising nature’s beauty? A fence privacy screen can be the perfect solution for nosy neighbors, whether you want to sunbathe or just enjoy the fresh air and catch up on your reading. Fence privacy screens are commonly found around pools, hot tubs, outdoor kitchens, decks, and patios.

Benefits of a Privacy Screen

If you are looking for a little more seclusion near your outdoor seating area or hot tub, our privacy screen installations are a great solution. Outdoor privacy screens provide your home with both functional and aesthetic benefits.


Whether your neighbors are a little too close for your liking or you just want additional seclusion, privacy will help you. By providing a free design consultation, we will work to understand your needs and goals — then design the perfect privacy screen for you. If you want to enjoy your hot tub without feeling like you’re under surveillance, we will design an enclosed space that promotes relaxation. In addition to privacy, this enclosed area will block the wind. This allows you to enjoy your oasis in comfort.

If you enjoy spending time relaxing in your backyard, then it’s important that you design your outdoor area appropriately. Naturally, you’ll set aside an area where you can sit and relax. But the prying eyes of neighbors and passers-by can be a nuisance. And while there are many screening designs in the market, few are as versatile as lattice privacy fence screening.

Breezes that flow

While outside, you may not want to completely cut off the flow of air through your outdoor. Our privacy screen designs can help ensure air movement. If you enjoy relaxing on your deck or patio, adding lattice screening will provide some shelter while allowing you to enjoy breezes on a summer day. The sound of the wind rustling through your plant-covered lattice privacy fence can be soothing.

Our experienced team knows how to design a structure that complements your home and outdoor living space. For a contrasting look, add a privacy screen with neutral wooden hues and pair it with a grape arbor framing in a color that matches the trim of your house.

In the garden, a privacy screen with a more open framework is a great way to add appeal. A well-designed garden privacy screen can catch the eye without disrupting the flow of your landscape.

Dual Purpose Fence Privacy Screens

Fence privacy screens are also available. There are a variety of fence materials including pressure treated wood, cedar or composite. Fence privacy screen design styles can vary too, including Chippendale, slatted, or even your own custom design for a truly unique look to complement the architectural features on your home.

Consider making your fence privacy screen serve a dual purpose by including trellises to support ivy or climbing flowers for fragrance and charm. We’ll be happy to work with you to bring your ideas to life or provide ideas of our own to help you achieve the look you want with the privacy you desire. Request a quote today!