Backyard Wooden Bridges & Boardwalks

Did you know that Georgia has 44,056 miles of perennial streams, 23,906 miles of intermittent streams, and 603 miles of ditches and canals? You may have a small stream or wide creek on your property. Atlanta Decking knows just how to traverse these small waterways with a variety of wood bridge options. But who says you have to have water to add a bridge to your landscape? It’s not unusual for our customers to place a wood bridge over a ditch or dry rock bed. Use your imagination and we bet you’ll find the perfect spot for your new bridge!

Build a Bridge to Somewhere

Beautifully designed wood bridges can serve as a unique focal point in a backyard garden or by a stream. Decorative wooden bridges and boardwalks are a great solution for homeowners with properties that are split by a creek or suffer from poor drainage. There are plenty of beautiful options available from arched, decorative wooden bridges to expansive boardwalks.

Seeking an exotic focal point for your garden? Consider a Japanese garden bridge employing techniques and designs that have been used for centuries. Ornamental arched bridges are not only unique and exotic, but also practical. Some homeowners opt to paint them a traditional bright red which is a unique way to really catch the eye! Others opt for a rustic, natural-colored stain.

Decorative wooden bridges can add style to your garden. Single or dual wooden, rope, or chain handrails complete the design with the right amount of flair. You might even wish to choose flower planters instead of railing for added beauty and fragrance.

Our decorative wooden bridges are available in a wide variety of wood including cedar, pine, redwood, and more. High-grade, pressure-treated wood that’s resistant to insects and decay is also available.

Boardwalks: A Comfortable, Dry Solution to Sloping or Wet Areas

Wooden walkways (or boardwalks) offer a smart and simple answer to problem areas in your yard. Their natural design enables you to see wildlife and take advantages of areas on your property that were inaccessible or underused before.

Creating a solid pathway through murky, sandy or shifting soils, a boardwalk creates a safe place for strolling. These simple, utilitarian landscape solutions can transform just about any exterior surface into a usable and beautiful walkway.

Add More Appeal to Your Backyard Boardwalk with Plantings

If you want a tall, lifted boardwalk, we suggest integrating plants that just brush the walk. If the plants are too short, the boardwalk will feel unanchored. If the plants are too tall, it can feel claustrophobic. Your plant choices expand if you design a boardwalk low to the ground. In this case, you can pretty much work with plants of any height. Just don’t impede foot traffic with aggressive, horizontal growers. Ferns and other woodland plants are the perfect height and shape for a boardwalk. Atlanta Decking would design the boardwalk around your existing plantings. Backyard trees can provide the basic outline for the boardwalk and provide a ceiling for your visitors who stroll along its path.

We’ll help you overcome those backyard terrain challenges you’re facing with an aesthetically pleasing solution that will fit your budget and maximize your enjoyment.

Ramp Up Safety & Improve Mobility

Apart from helping you or your loved ones navigate between levels, ramps can add style and beauty to your home. Wood ramps easily harmonize with your outdoor deck, too. With an array of features, they are robust, durable and allow even heavy scooters to easily enter and exit spaces. Atlanta Decking has a designed and built a variety of wood ramps that fit the desires and needs of our customers — call us today at (770) 781-4641 or click here for a free, no-hassle estimate.