Add Elegance to Your Yard with a Wooden Arbor

A wooden arbor can come in many shapes and sizes. Examples can include round and triangular configurations, herringbone designs with columns, exotic arches, and much more. They can feature seating, planter boxes, and even swings. The expert arbor builders at Atlanta Decking & Fence will show you a range of arbor designs that will enhance your outdoor living space and delight family and visitors.

Benefits of a Wooden Arbor

Arbors Provide Shade and Shelter

Arbors often have plants and vines growing on their roofs and side panels which provide shade and privacy in the space below to protect one from the scorching sun. Our arbor design often employ durable, low-maintenance metal roofs on these structures. When a long arbor or several are arranged in a line to form a tunnel in a walkway, they provide shade, making it more comfortable for one to walk in from one garden space to the other. Need some rest? Some arbors have three posts; two on the sides, one in the middle back, and a sitting area below. You can relax in for some shade while admiring your garden.

Plants Love Arbors!

An arbor makes an amazing structure for growing flowers and even vegetables. Grow climbing plants and vines like tomatoes, roses, sweet pea, wisteria, and grapes on the arbor’s side panels and roofs. This trick is more suitable if you install the arbor at the entrance of the garden. Want to create some enchantment? Select plants such as jasmine, roses, and honeysuckle to produce sweet fragrances all over the garden.

Arbor vs. Trellis

We often use both terms interchangeably, although they are a little different. A trellis offers support for plants and acts as a beautiful accent to an otherwise empty wall. It can also be used to create a living wall on one or more sides of a pergola. On the other hand, an arbor is used to define a walkway or path in the garden and provide a stunning gateway when entering into a beautiful, relaxing space.

Add a Dramatic Accent and Impress Your Neighbors with a Wooden Arbor

Dramatic arbors add just the right touch of style and comfort, serving as a shady retreat on long sun-filled Southern days. Typically constructed from pressure-treated wood or cedar, an arbor is a great option that provides shade on walkways, terraces, decks, or pools in a very distinctive way. Extremely versatile, arbors can become a design treatment above a garage, as an entrance to your garden, or as a beaconing accent to an outdoor room. Our arbor builders at Atlanta Decking & Fence will ensure you consider a variety of ideal arbor design choices to complement your outdoor living space.

Arbors Serve as an Alluring Gateway to Your Yard or Garden

One of the most traditional and practical uses for an arbor is as an entrance to your yard or garden. You can also place a gate under the arbor to create a picturesque entrance to your outdoor space.

A beautifully designed wooden arbor with an attached gate protects your garden from intruders. Yet the openness of the arbor or pergola still allows passersby to view your yard or garden, adding to your home’s curb appeal.

If you want to add something unique and exceptional to your home or garden, consider an arbor. Along with beautifying your landscape, an arbor provides many useful benefits for your family, your home, and your garden.

A Wooden Arbor Can Increase Your Home’s Value

By adding a wooden arbor to your outdoor space, you can help increase the selling price of your home. Experts estimate that outdoor structures like arbors and pergolas can get you a return investment up to 80% of their purchase price. Today, outdoor structures are increasingly prized by would-be homebuyers. These features can also help you sell your house faster in a competitive market.

Your best bet is to add an arbor a couple of years before you plan to move. That way, you can enjoy it yourself for a while and still get a solid return on your investment. Your arbor or pergola will also look its best in a few years, since the climbing plants will have had time to grow and weave throughout the pergola.

Arbor Builders in North Metro Atlanta

If you have a limited budget but still want to get an outdoor structure, a wooden arbor is a great choice. Talk to one of our Arbor Designers about your dream arbor today or request a quote now!