Backyard curb appeal? That’s no oxymoron. Yes, there are good reasons to enhance your home’s curb appeal, peripherally. If your home sits on a corner or is viewed from certain angles by other neighbors or traffic, enhancing curb appeal can add value. A well-kept garden, pathway and fence, or beautifully placed gazebo can have a huge impact and are immediately appealing to buyers. Extensions of indoor living areas such as patios, porches and decks can often be seen from the street and heighten the perceived value of the home.

Here are a few curb appeal-enhancing projects that realtors love to see when showing properties:

  • Wood decks (or composite) – great entertainment value, partnered with barbecue and nice outdoor furnishings
  • Gazebo – Memorable focal point for any yard with great entertainment potential for guests and children
  • Wood fence – provides buyers with sense of security for pets and children.
  • Graceful arbor or trellis – provides a natural arch or wall for nature’s gift of fragrance and color. Extremely appealing to gardeners and those of us who are green thumb-challenged.
  • Pergola – Offers clever styling and shade for sun-prone areas. Typically dramatic and eye-catching.

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