How to Create Solid Entertaining with Hardscapes

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Beautiful Entertaining with Hardscapes | Atlanta Decking & Fence

How to Create Solid Entertaining with Hardscapes

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If you’ve been thinking about how to create a great outdoor entertaining space this year, it’s time to take a look at hardscapes.

Rock Your Space with a Patio

A patio can be a great focal point and gathering place for family and guests. Depending on the look you want to achieve, there are many material options including pavers, slate, stone, tile, or brick. Use the same materials to create a walkway from your back door to your patio. Not only will this be an attractive addition to your backyard, it will prevent a path being worn in your yard. Then, decorate your new space with a dining table or outdoor furniture. Add some shade by incorporating a pergola.

Conjure Up Your Own Island

If your backyard has sufficient space, create a distinctive island by using natural stonework to section off the area. Include a rock or stone pathway that leads to your new entertainment space and furnish the area with a table, chairs, and container plants.

Enhance Your Barbecue

Create a special space for your barbecue with pavers. You might even consider a fire pit, stone pizza oven, or fireplace — guaranteed to gather a hungry crowd! But be sure there is enough room for efficient meal prep and serving. Adding a pergola for shade will really help keep things cool for a summer barbecue.

Make a Special Garden Really Special

A brick walkway that leads to a bench and adjoins a vegetable or ornamental garden invites visitors or contemplation. A hardscape such as this is not only visually appealing, it will come in handy as you tend your garden. The even surface will make it easier to position your garden cart, tools, and materials for the task at hand.

A Little Privacy Goes a Long Way

Hardscaping provides several privacy options such as a brick or stone wall. Either will add charm to your backyard space and give you a subtle level of privacy from neighbors.

Imagine a More Colorful Space

Hardscapes can make a beautiful foundation for your container plants. Want something different? Consider a water feature with adjoining stones and large, colorful boulders that add a focal point and vibrancy to your outdoor area.

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