Our Fence Contractors Can Create the Perfect Custom Fence to Suit Your Needs

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Our Fence Contractors Can Create the Perfect Custom Fence to Suit Your Needs

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There are many reasons to consider a custom fence and there are an equal number of options from which to choose. From privacy fences to arbors with gates, you can achieve the perfect mix of form and function to meet your specific needs. Make sure that your evaluation process includes a review of your community’s or subdivision’s guidelines which typically mandates fence height, distance from property line, color, material, and style.

Custom Fence Design Ideas

If you opt for a privacy fence but you want to add your own touch to traditional wood fencing with no spacing, add a post cap. Customization options also include solar lighting caps or caps in a different color or style than the fence’s design.

If privacy is not your main priority, there are many other design options to consider including picket, rail, rough-hewn beams, aluminum, lattice, contemporary horizontal and more…

Doing More with a Wood Fence

Paint or stain serves the dual purpose of protecting your fence while making it look more vibrant. For example, a dark stain on a white cedar fence can add a richness that will really make a statement. And, if your guidelines allow for it, consider going bold with a bright color. One bit of advice when it comes to bold colors, though, is to be sure to check with your neighbors before you make the commitment to color. Another option would be to add brighter colors to your fence posts, caps or rails while keeping your fence panels a neutral color.

Speaking of paint, aluminum and vinyl fencing do not lend themselves easily to this option. Vinyl paint is available for siding but using it on your fence may void your warranty.

Arbors with Gates

Another way to customize your fence is to incorporate arbors with gates. This design creates a focal point in your wood fence adding a sense of style that can be lacking in a traditional fence. A gate arbor creates a distinct and separate area in your yard. Consider it your “happy place” for solitude and relaxation. In this busy world, doesn’t a peaceful, little oasis sound good?

When our fence contractors add this element to our customers’ fences, our objective is always the same: create a balance of beauty, craftsmanship, and longevity.

Fence Gate Design

Homeowners often select a customized gate that complements their fence. There are many options to consider from gates that are an exact match to ones that are proportionately larger to gates that feature beautiful arbors above. Flowering vines can add fragrance and a hint of mystery to your new gate. And little details matter — like gate hardware which, ideally, should be a flawless match between the lock and latch mechanism.

Work with Our Expert Fence Contractors

You want to make sure your project is handled properly from the start. Whether you desire a privacy fence, an arbor with a gate or simply a beautiful fence, work with qualified fence contractors. Tim Moss is our fence expert who has helped hundreds of our customers find the best solution for their needs. When you are ready to consider a fence for your home, contact us online or give Tim a call at 770-781-4641 or email him: tim@atlantadecking.com. He will be happy to meet with you to discuss your objectives, show you a range of options and help you customize a fence that will check off all your boxes.

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