Cool Urban Chic Ideas for Porches & Decks

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Cool Urban Chic Ideas for Porches & Decks

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Is there a way to transform your outdoors into a recreational escape from city life?

Today’s urban homeowners are looking for stylish, contemporary, and private spaces where they can feel serene, enjoy cool breezes, or change their confined area into a fun and workable ‘room.’ “Urban homeowners surrounded by noisy traffic can still be in the midst of nature, experience an open air lifestyle, and bring activity to deck, patio, or balcony,” says Dave Tibbetts, president of Atlanta Decking & Fence. “The clean lines of contemporary outdoor furniture — along with plants and fabrics — offer a practical and enjoyable way to escape a fast-paced routine. Ground level decks pair particularly well  with urban chic.”

Enjoy a peaceful place

Suburban homeowners can create a sense of tranquility by viewing their spaces as an outdoor extension of their indoor rooms. Whether you feature a cozy fire pit surrounded by luxurious seating or decorate with plants only, with a bit of creativity and a DIY approach, the sky’s the limit!

Simple is in

With limited space, minimalism is a key solution for urban homeowners. Monochrome colors such as grey, white, and black with a pop of color combine the best of all worlds. Blending natural materials (think distressed wood and nubby throws) with tailored furnishings not only adds style, it personalizes your area and makes socializing a breeze.

That’s entertainment

Backyard pergolas are ideal for outdoor entertaining, and are popular with homeowners who need approval from their HOA. Pair string lights on a patio or deck pergola with a concealed outdoor sound system and you’re ready for fun! In a tight city lot, a few extra feet of wooden lattice can enable urban dwellers to commune outdoors with friends and family.

Be bold with dark shades

For a dramatic look that combines traditional and contemporary, try dark decking. As a popular shade inside urban dwellings, black can make the garden just as interesting. Dark seating creates a sense of elegance as well as versatility. An outdoor backdrop such as a dark fence can be easily created by simply painting or staining it. The glamour this creates makes your space unique from neighbors’ yards while promoting an artistic focal point.

Merge inside and out

Designing a semi-enclosed space outside is a crafty way to extend the indoors out. Highlighting a row of outdoor plants that are comparable to your indoor greens, or featuring an all-weather sofa and colorful outdoor rug that reflects your indoor design are practical ways to blur the boundaries and “add” space to a confined area. Ask your deck builder about unique ways to implement some flora and fauna into your multi level deck or ground level deck.

Save space by going vertical

A living wall is ideal for tight spaces. Covering the wall with vertical plantings offers a rich feel while generating more room. Check out the image below to see how an outdoor vertical garden provides privacy on a ground level deck.


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