The Benefits of a Privacy Fence

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The Benefits of a Privacy Fence | Atlanta Decking and Fence Company

The Benefits of a Privacy Fence

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Sometimes the logic behind building a privacy fence is quite simple—increased privacy from prying eyes. However, there are other reasons to consider one for your yard.

Safety – A privacy fence enables your children to play without a worry that they may run into the street. Of course, a privacy fence has similar advantages if you are a pet owner. Plus, it does add an additional barrier for would-be criminals who are looking for easy entry into your home—typically from the back yard.

Shelter—protection for your garden or plants from wind damage. It can also reduce drafts around the house which will cut down cooling or heating costs.

Re-Sale Value—An aesthetically pleasing privacy fence can set your yard apart by adding beauty to your property. Homes with privacy fences attract families with children or pets, who are looking for a move-in ready house that gives them a feeling of peace-of-mind from Day 1.

Reduce the Possibility of Future Litigation—While rare, litigation between neighbors can happen. By establishing clear boundaries, you reduce the possibility that a neighbor inadvertently (or intentionally) encroaches onto your property.

Speaking of neighbors, a common objection to installing a privacy fence is that you could send the wrong message to them. However, there is quite a bit of truth to the old proverb, “Good fences make good neighbors.” Keep in mind that a privacy fence works both ways because it offers them privacy as well. But paramount to a good relationship is building a beautiful fence that adds value to both properties. And that starts with selecting an experienced resource (we know one!) that will help you determine the best design option to meet your needs and ensure that your fence meets your community’s building codes or, if you live in a subdivision, covenants you are required to follow.

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