Simple Open Porch / Suwanee

BEFORE Old deck being replaced

BEFORE – Even though the deck length worked well, our homeowner wondered if she could have us build something to protect folks who like to linger in the space, but keep to a limited budget. Also, the side door required a little attention and protection from the elements. Would a simple open porch do?

AFTER – Atlanta Decking designed and built a shed roof over the existing deck. The Imperial rib metal roof is vaulted and features exposed pine beams. The roof is supported by 4×4 pressure-treated posts. A ‘re-deck’ over the existing frame makes everything fresh and solid. The simple, bracket portico features a metal roof that matches the new open porch. Our homeowner loves her new open porch, especially the sound the metal roof makes when it rains. It’s now her favorite hangout place!


Miller Case Study AFTER 4 back porch & portico straight on VERT_2022_sm