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Rail Fences

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The Post and Rail Fence – An American Classic

As much a part of the American landscape as any fence style, wood post and rail fences are recognized for their stability and beauty. Post and rail fences are typically made with three or four horizontal rails. That means you can easily see through the fence and keep your garden and any large livestock hemmed in safely. For smaller pets such as dogs, some homeowners, who like the look of post and rail fences, request wire attached inside the fence.

For a More Rustic Look, Think Split Rail

Split rail fences are made from splitting rails lengthwise down the tree trunk and into quarters. Most split rail fences are constructed with either two or three rails across the fence. They use little or no hardware and were a major source of firewood for both Union and Confederate armies. Split rail fences can used to keep livestock or horses in a field and can also be used to border gardens and lawns. Although simple in construction, they typically use more wood than other fence types.