Creating Under Deck Porches

Maximize surplus space under your deck with a patio

For many deck owners, the space below the deck is not used because of where it’s located. Atlanta Decking & Fence owner, Dave Tibbetts, loves to help customers get the most out of their deck, and promote the variety of options homeowners have. Imagine having the ability to barbecue year-round. Or to show off your beautiful new space to your neighbors. By adding under deck porches, you can create a dry, usable outdoor room. From storage to entertaining, the possibilities are endless. Here’s how to put this space to good use:

  • Enclose and furnish your under deck porch. One of the most popular ways to add useable space is with a screened or open porch. They are a functional way to provide shade outdoors and highly popular with buyers once it comes time to sell. Screened or windowed porches give you more outdoor enjoyment, yet protect you from insects and offer up relaxation and privacy.
  • Of course, keeping your under deck porch warm and dry is essential for truly enjoying its benefits. A drainage system in the under deck porch’s ceiling is a popular upgrade. It captures water and diverts it to a gutter at the deck beam, leaving the deck or your porch dry. It can last three or four decades because the framing never gets wet. You can convert the space under a second-story deck into a dry spacious patio. The drainage is a great tool when it rains, giving homeowners a space they can use even if it’s wet outside.
  • Create an outdoor oasis with under deck porches. With an infinite variety of options, you can create a “getaway” room that’s aesthetically pleasing and stands up to the elements. Concrete or stone floor, deck drain, LED lights, recessed lighting, Eze-breeze windows, screens, ceiling fans, and comfortable seating transform an unused space into a beautiful and comfortable covered porch or outdoor room. If you have access to a barbecue shed you’ll create a third room to relax and entertain. Use wall sconces and rope lights as a simple way to customize your space and subtly add light. A swing bed is ideal for relaxing with a getaway feel for reading, relaxing or even enjoying a midsummer night’s dream.
  • A ceiling doesn’t have to be boring. Ceilings can transform a space with beautiful tongue and groove, flat and coffered designs. Each provides a distinct style, depending what you want your décor to look like.
  • With a deck above your outdoor space, why not make it cool with spiral staircases? Spiral staircases offer a cost-effective way to customize and add elegance to your deck. Unlike traditional stairs which require support posts, railings, and the stairs themselves, spirals are practically invisible, so they don’t block prime views to your gardens, lakes, and other backyard features. Stylish and space-saving, spiral stairs are custom built to complement your home’s exterior.
  • If you don’t have enough height to incorporate under deck porches, try under deck storage. Lattice is often used for skirting a deck around its sides with an access door. This space saving solution provides an excellent way to store gardening tools, children’s toys, bikes, hoses, etc. It also offers privacy and its finished appearance conveys a room-like feel to an outdoor space.

There are many ways to design and utilize a space under a deck. If you are looking to transform that area to a space your family can enjoy for years to come, or if you are looking for a true outdoor experience, contact Rod Sudbeck or Angie Moss at Atlanta Decking & Fence by calling (770) 781-4641. Or, request a free design consultation.