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A Plethora of Pergolas that Help You Keep Your Cool

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We Southeasterners have come to appreciate early springs, cool falls and short winters. Those very pleasant seasons almost make us forget our punishing summers. Which brings us to the subject of pergolas — including their cooling benefits, the best locations for your property and a variety of design options. What Exactly is a Pergola? A pergola is a garden feature …

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Cool Urban Chic Ideas for Porches & Decks

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Is there a way to transform your outdoors into a recreational escape from city life? Today’s urban homeowners are looking for stylish, contemporary, and private spaces where they can feel serene, enjoy cool breezes, or change their confined area into a fun and workable ‘room.’ “Urban homeowners surrounded by noisy traffic can still be in the midst of nature, experience …

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Our Fence Contractors Can Create the Perfect Custom Fence to Suit Your Needs

fence contractors

There are many reasons to consider a custom fence and there are an equal number of options from which to choose. From privacy fences to arbors with gates, you can achieve the perfect mix of form and function to meet your specific needs. Make sure that your evaluation process includes a review of your community’s or subdivision’s guidelines which typically …

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Patio or Deck – How to pick the best solution for your home

TOP Deck Or Patio

You’ve decided you want to utilize more of your outdoor space but you’re not sure if you should add a deck or patio. Here are some practical considerations: Return on your investment – According to a recent Remodeling Magazine Cost vs. Value Report, in the first year following installation, you will receive almost 75% of what you pay for your …

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What to Do When the Winter Greys Set In

Exterior Panel

It’s time to add more color and light for maximum effect inside and outside your home! Certainly, Atlanta doesn’t have the lengthy winters of the Northeast or Midwest but we do have a bit of dreary weather. That doesn’t mean that our homes have to be grey and colorless too. Here are some ideas to help brighten up curb appeal and …

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A Checklist for Winterizing Your Home


While Atlanta winters cannot rival Northern cities (and who’s complaining), we do get a bit of cold weather. Here are 10 tips to keep Mother Nature in check for the next couple of months: 1. Disconnect water hoses from external faucets. While you are at it, purchase an inexpensive faucet cover and put it to work. 2. Inspect or install Carbon …

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Thanksgiving on the Back Porch

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Would you like to mix it up a bit this Thanksgiving? Rather than have everyone meet in a formal dining room, why not go a little more casual and head to the back porch? After all, there’s possibly no better living space to truly relax and engage in great food, conversation and nature! Involve friends and family to help make …

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The Benefits of a Privacy Fence

privacy fence

Sometimes the logic behind building a privacy fence is quite simple—increased privacy from prying eyes. However, there are other reasons to consider one for your yard. Safety – A privacy fence enables your children to play without a worry that they may run into the street. Of course, a privacy fence has similar advantages if you are a pet owner. …

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7 Surprising Features for Your Front Yard

residential waterfall

With autumn and the holidays beginning just weeks away (assuming you’re including Halloween), now is a great time to plan your entry for a great seasonal welcome! Your front porch or stoop is the perfect place to create an eye-catching focal point such as colorful potted plants, garland, lighting, benches/fabrics, lanterns, etc. You don’t have to be limited to the …

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Calm Your Mind with a Japanese Rock Garden

rock garden

If you’ve been looking for a little bit more peace and tranquility in this hectic world, consider the virtues of a backyard Japanese rock garden. The origin of a Japanese rock garden is to create spaces of meditation and reflection. These peaceful gardens come in a variety of sizes and configurations but they are designed to achieve a feeling of …

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